Mail Call from Ray and Jo

I have a mail call from me and from Ray today.  First up is Ray’s mail.

Ray writes:
I wanted to take a few minutes to update you with some great mail that I received.

The first package came from Debbie M. in Millbrook, AL. She sent me several pieces of fabric that will be great to use as backings. I really like the fall colors on a couple of the plaids. I need to go through my stack of flimsies to see what will match up. The way time flies, fall will be here before you know it. I took a picture of the fabrics so you can see the colors. Beautiful, all 13 yards of it.

Then I received two packages from Judy C, in Alton, IL. She sews and donates preemie burial gowns and works with the NICU’s at the Saint Louis hospitals. She sent some nice yardages to use as backing as well as some wide backing. Those will really come in handy with the larger tops I have been getting. Some of it was still in the original packaging. There was even a package of blue flannel. That will be great on some baby blankets. Wow!! What a lot of fabric, 27 yards.

Then Holly M in Brazil, IN sent me a box of fabric. Holly has sent me tops and fabric before but just yardage this time. More beautiful, needed fabric to finish tops. She has 21 yards of fabric squeezed in her box.

Thank you, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Now back to longarming.”

Ray got another package…this…

Ray writes:
I got a package in the mail today from Louise H. in Green Cove Springs, FL. She made this beautiful quilt top and contacted me to finish it for her. She said it was bigger than she could quilt on her domestic. It is 64 x 82. I can not imagine the number of scraps that went into the quilt. She said the pattern is Plaidish. It will make a wonderful community quilt to donate.”

Thanks to all who sent fabric Ray’s way.

Now for my mail…I’m trying to get caught up with mail and as of writing this, I’m really close.  I have two boxes from a blog reader who dropped off goodies at my house yet to tell you about, but I’m saving that for a special post.

Here are today’s packages.

The first box came from Roxanne.  She sent goodies for me and for Kelli’s new babies!!

She told me to use the big beautiful chunk of Barbara Brackman fabric for whatever I choose.  I’m honestly thinking I might keep it.  Remember I still have the Double Wedding Ring quilt that is only a top.  I think this would be an awesome backing for it!!  I think I might treat myself and use it!!  Thanks Roxanne.  This is so sweet of you.  I appreciate it LOTS.

The next package was from Paula.  She was reading a magazine from her home state Montana.  The article was about a man wanting to drive his dad’s old truck from Montana to Chicago in an effort to raise money for cancer.

Can you see what caught Paula’s eye?  It says he’ll be driving through Cresco Iowa.  Paula had heard me write about the Cresco quilting ladies and wanted to share the article with me.  So sweet!!  For those of you who don’t know, Cresco is only a town of about 3800 people.

This was fun to read.

I wish him well on his journey.

The last package came from Melissa in Florida.  She is a thrifter like me.  She picked up some goodies and wanted to share.  Check out these Hexie flowers.  All are hand-stitched!!

There were also these adorable Sunbonnet Sues.  So CUTE!!

Watch for these coming up in a postage auction that I’m hoping to have here coming soon on one of the upcoming Saturdays.

I just love the goodies and am so pleased you thought of me and sent them my way.


6 thoughts on “Mail Call from Ray and Jo”

  1. You and Ray both received some very good mail. The fabric will be put to good use in one of your quilts. I will watch for some of it in a quilt! Haha!

  2. I wish I could enlarge that first magazine photo and read the whole article! That sounds like such a fun way to raise money for cancer research. There is an old truck in my neighborhood that looks much like his did, totally empty, just the exterior. It’s up on blocks, with a dangling license plate (out of date.)
    What beautiful fabrics are being shared here on your blog. Thank you!

  3. Good for you in keeping some of the fabric. You do so much for others. You should enjoy mail call, personally.

  4. Louise’s Plaidish quilt is eye catching—well done color choices! Look forward to seeing it again with Ray’s finishing touches!

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