Mail Call from Ray

Ray has been flooded with Happy Mail. Today he is sharing all the goodies that are blessing his mailbox.

Ray writes:
When I went to pick up the mail today, two packages were waiting for me. Both were from your blog readers.

The first one was from Joan P. in NC. She says she comes from a family of veterans and sent me this top along with backing and binding to finish for the veterans’ dinner. It measures 59 x 77.

The other package was from Dori J. in WA. She was making a Fun Plus quilt and was close to finishing it but is now moving. She says the quilt was featured in your blog post dated September 18, 2020. She included blocks for another row as well as backing material. The top measures 60 x 66 now and will likely grow some with another row and a border as shown in the picture she included.

Thank you Joan and Dori.

Side note here from Jo: You can find the information on how to make the Plus Quilt HERE.

Back to Ray…
I received two beautiful quilts in the mail today from Patricia S. in LA. She makes wonderful quilts. I love looking at the fabrics she incorporates into the quilts. Lots of variety and character in each and every one. I wish I knew the name of the patterns she uses and or creates based on what she has and uses.

The first one reminds me of a log cabin block but there is not the one center block. Then to give it even more interest, the outside ring alternates between white and darker prints. It measures 54 x 54.

The other quilt is made up of 9 patch blocks made into 4 patch blocks. Each of the 9 patches has a white center block. Fun layout. It measures 66 x 66.

Thank you Patricia for these tops and all your support.

Donna P. in FL. must still be working on her sewing room as I received another box of goodies from her. Attached are pics of the goodies. A bit stack of 10 inch squares, mainly Christmas themed, some strips, a bundle of fat eighths, 6 charm packs, and a wide assortment of stash fabrics.

She did include this jelly roll quilt of Christmas strips. It will be great for the upcoming winter holidays. It measures 59 x 63.

Thank you Donna. Much appreciated.

WOW Ray…what fun mail. I, of course, love seeing the Plus Quilt. It’s always fun for me to see something someone made because they were inspired by the information here on the blog. It’s the highest compliment!! Thanks to everyone who sent goodies to Ray. It is much appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Mail Call from Ray”

  1. Jo, I made the plus quilt using 2.5″ strips and blocks and love it. It is on my bed now and is always fun to look at as I make the bed.

  2. Oh my! Love the plus quilt!!! I have been sewing 2 patches of 2” squares for a while. I may turn those into this quilt…I love this idea! Thanks Ray for sharing the quilt, and Jo for pointing us to the tutorial.

  3. Another batch of beautiful quilts! Thank you for sharing these with us readers. I like the Plus quilt and it seems like one from Patricia is one of Bonnie Hunter’s free patterns.

  4. I saw this on YouTube the other day. I want to dedicate playing this song to Ray, Jo, and the other community quilters who have “quilted 500 yards” into all of our hearts.
    If the link doesn’t work because it has lost the hyperlink a couple of times, it is from Autumn Hollow Patchwork. It is a song parody called 500 yards.

  5. A quilt show to start my Friday morning off. Yay! Io e all these quilts & really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you!

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