Mail Call from Ray

Ray has been getting packages right and left. Today’s post is a peek at all the things that have been sent his way.

Ray writes:

“The mail has been coming in and I am determined to get it caught up before it gets totally out of control. I am not complaining. Just saying that some organization is needed and I am not one to stay organized, anymore. 

This group of four adorable snail’s trail quilts came from Ann B in PA. She said she made them a few years ago as a part of a rainbow scrap challenge and had never done anything with them. I get to be the lucky guy to get them and finish them and donate them. Life is GOOD! They are all 41 x 52. Perfect size for baby blankets or smaller kids. Ann was nice enough to include backing and binding for all four.

Bev C in NY said she had some quilts and UFOs that needed to be rehomed and I received a wonderful box of surprises. Best of all I get to share those with you…

The first 3 quilts are all made out of the same beautiful collection of fabrics. She also included some yardage from the collection to use as backings. I must apologize for the quality of the pics as the blues are MUCH prettier than the pics show. They are BEAUTIFUL. They measure 52 x 64, 52 x 64. and 50 x 62. Great lap quilt sizes.

Here is a pic of the backing fabric as well as 3 UFO projects that just need some attention to complete. They will all make great quilts.

Next is a wonderful yellow HST top. I Love the yellow in the quilt. May add a border or two to make it a bit larger. It measures 29 x 37.

Love these cute teddy bears in their red and white striped jammies. Definitely a super cute baby blanket! It measures 40 x 44.

This quilt has a lot of vintage-type fabrics in it and looks so very comfy. It measures 42 x 53.

The last one is made of a lot of very deep, rich fabrics. It could be a great Christmas quilt with all of the red and green in it and still nice to have as an accent quilt year-round. It measures 53 x 67.

Cathy L in OK is cleaning out her quilting space and sent me a most interesting box of quilting goodies.

The first top is a mountain landscape. I can almost smell the pine. It measures 59 x 34.

The next one is a checkerboard pattern in greens and purples. It reminds me of Mardi Gras. It measures 21 x 29 and could easily be the center of a medallion quilt in greens and purples and golds.

The rest of the box was a very nice selection of UFOs and BOMs. One of the BOMs is from Hancock Fabrics and is a Lewis and Clark Adventure called Corps of Discovery. All the blocks are there except #2. I can probably replicate it but if anyone has a lead on that block, please let me know The other BOM is Dandy Doodle and will be for the Veteran’s Day event.

Laurie L in ID says she is a long-time blog reader of yours and wanted to send me some tops. How could I say no??? Boy, am I glad I did not. Check these out.

This is a beautiful panel that says so much – Bloom and grow. It is 36 x 42 and would definitely work as a baby blanket as is. Then a few borders and it would be a nice size lap quilt. Decisions, decisions. I am open to suggestions and ideas on this one.

This UFO is all but done. All it needs is one seam and could be called complete. However, there are a lot of other pieces in the bag that I have not looked at. Could there be enough for a border? Time will tell.

This little strip quilt is adorable. It measures 37 x 40 and could have a border added to make it grow some.

Then there is this little disappearing nine patch top that measures 34 x 34. I could treat it as a medallion and add to it as well.

Next, is the beginnings of a wonderful Red/White?Blue quilt for Veteran’s Day dinner/recognition. Right now it is 27 x 27. I think it would be a great medallion piece to grow and expand.

Before you start thinking that Laurie only makes small quilts, Surprise! Check out this big quilt! It measures 71 x 71. FYI. I just found a beautiful fabric with complementing colors in my stash to use for the backing.

Karen C in MA said she had an excess of fabric in her home and wanted to send some my way. Most of what she sent wasma wide variety of odds and ends that I will cut into squares for various projects. However, there was a sizable amount of batiks with one large cut. There was one large UFO that I want to tackle in due time. It is a huge start on a French braid quilt. It is gorgeous. Here are a couple of small tops to share.

Love the colors in this blue star quilt. It measures 40 x 40. The batiks in it are wonderful.

The other is a cute little checkerboard that measures 24 x 32 and has a ton of potential

Many thanks to everyone who sent these great tops and goodies to Ray. You all are a big part of the success of the community quilts projects. Ray and I can’t thank you all enough!!

15 thoughts on “Mail Call from Ray”

  1. Ray’s going to be buried under tops and backings for quite some time!! Maybe he can find a helper or two! LOL

  2. Ray, if you’re reading this, the Red/White/Blue medallion piece is the beginning of a Bonnie Hunter free quilt along pattern on her blog she did during the Covid shutdown. I believe she called it Unity. (?)

  3. Dear Jo, I’m having trouble with the new format of the blog. I can read the top post, but the previous posts come up with just letters, like what you may put in to post. But it isn’t readable and doesn’t have any pictures. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks. Helen Hewell

  4. Love all the quilts… what a nice variety!
    FYI: This post came through perfectly on my computer.

  5. yaeeet I am finally able to read my newsletter from Jo. no more gobbledy gook that i cannot decipher

  6. Love the snail quilt tops! Ray and the quilters there are the best!

    You’ve built a wonderful quilting community, Jo.

  7. Gosh, Ray has lots of tops to keep him busy! I think the Bloom to Grow one would be lovely for a baby girl.

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