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I am SO-SO far behind on mail.  I’ve got a stack of packages here but I’ve been afraid to open them as I’ve had so many people in and out of my house lately that I’m afraid I’ll open them and then the notes included in the boxes get lost.  It’s been so crazy here-I always say that but I’ve come to realize that this is even crazier.

I love having the grandkids here but it is nothing like childcare.  Childcare is predictable and the kids know a routine.  The grandkids are so much busier and I don’t keep as many rules, after all, I am the grandma.  I want them to feel like they are at Grandma’s, not childcare.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve gotten in the mail lately….a card from Connie.

A tightly packaged box came from Arline.  Kelli took a bunch of the fabric that was suitable for kids’ masks and used it for that.

Here it all is out of the box.

This is the exact fabric of a some blocks that I made and then passed onto the Cresco lady quilters.  It was so cute as when Sandra last brought quilts, I showed her the fabric.  She was shooked it had been sent and immediately pulled out the quilt tops she had put together with my blocks and then asked me if I’d use the fabric to a border on the quilt top she made with my donated blocks.  HA!!

I sent all of these with Sandra.  She was happy to get them.  They are the start of some great kids quilts.

I kept the top two Minnie print fabrics.  I think they’ll be part of the quilt I’m (long term) planning for Lucy.  She’s a Minnie fan!

The bottom two are for masks.

Next Arline sent quilt tops….

They were Mickey themed.  So CUTE!!

What a wonderful gift Arline…Thank you so much.

Goodies came from Carol too.  Carol is a regular blog reader and periodically sends goodies.  Thanks Carol.

There were all sorts of things in this box.  Calicos for ME!!

Lots of scraps…so fun.

Sandra was here the day this box came so I quickly put these blocks into her box.  She was so happy to get them.  She smiled and said they would make quick quilts.

Speaking of quick quilts, Carol sent an already completed quilt top with extra fabric.  YAHOO!!

Kayla was here when this box came.  She brought her dog Bruce with.  He was an excellent calming effect on Rosie.  She turned into a calm settled dog with Bruce around.  It made me almost wonder if I wanted an older dog.

Then the mailman came, I opened this box and told Kayla that Oops…this box was for her.

She was thrilled.

She dug to the bottom.  I think she’s with yarn like I am with fabric.

I can’t tell you who sent it…see?  This happens quite often.  People who send goodies prefer to stay anonymous.  This is the way to do it.  Put my address is both places.

Whoever you are…THANKS.  You made Kayla’s day.

That’s it for this round of mail call.  If you’ve sent something…Know that I likely have your package.  I simply haven’t gotten to it with all the chaos of having grandchildren and adult children needing me.  Your package is important but nothing trumps family for me and I want to give your package the attention it deserves.  THANKS for understanding.

9 thoughts on “Mail Call….”

  1. I love that people pass things on to you and in turn, you pass them on to others. (I have a box with your name on it myself, but I haven’t filled full enough yet. )
    How wonderful this quilting communiy is, we all share. It is just blessings passed to one another.

  2. my friend and I can wait a month or more to see Carver face when he digs into his goodies. We know you have been busy with the family, which is more important than mail call.

  3. First thing in the morning, I look for the blog loving post and see if Jo has a new post. I’ve enjoyed following you over the past year. The opening mail posts are fun without having to figure out where to put things coming into the house. We are in the midst of downsizing from a four bedroom house where we have lived for thirty years, to a two bedroom townhouse. I will still be downsizing after we move. I also enjoy posts of you and your grandchildren. Mine are a year or so older than yours, and I do love them. I empathize with your need to find a way to be with them, despite health concerns and Covid restrictions. The situation does force us to measure what is truly important in our lives, does it not? And like you, I choose family.

    Stay safe, and I hope you can continue with your blog that makes me feel like I have a friend in Iowa.

  4. it is good hearing from you with a more like usual letter. it is reassuring things are normalizing after the weather disaster.
    Have been thinking about the disgruntled reader and wondering why folks do not just make a withdrawal and let things cool off a bit. It is like the example of the feather pillows rupture in a windstorm and the awful realization that all of it like ugly remarks can never be completely recovered.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I have so much fun reading your blogs. And your girls blogs. The joy of receiving and giving means so much. That triangle Mickey quilt is a real eye catcher plus. Carol’s top is beautiful one of my favorite type prints and orange love it.

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