Mail Call…

My mailbox is still blessed with goodies from all of you.  I got one box and was a little confused.  It was an amazon box.  Hmm.  I didn’t remember ordering.  I’ll admit that’s happened to me in the past but nowadays I don’t order as often so I really thought I would have remembered if I had ordered anything.

I opened the box and WOW!!  A blog reader, Caryn S, sent me this….…embroidery hoops and YARN!!  The kids are going to love this.

The generosity of blog readers truly blows me away.  One would think I’d be used to it by now but I don’t think I’ll ever be used to it.

The kiddos are going to have so much fun stitching.  I told you about a previous time we did it HERE.

Ila sent English Muffins….lots of them!!

It’s not a flavor combination I would have put together but I really like it.

They came when Kelli and Kayla were here and they both snatched a package to take home to their house to enjoy.  A big thanks from all of us Ila.

Blog reader Deb sent this magnet.  It’s already hanging on the side of my refrigerator.

Thanks so much…it’s something I need to be reminded of from time to time…actually all the time.

This package brought me a smile….
This is from Dot in PA.  She blessed the kiddos and me.  There were sticker and notepads for the kiddos.  There were cards and cross stitch patterns for me.

Yahoo!!  Check them out.  This is a series.  Kelli got the April, May, June one for me and now Dot sent me the other two.  Now I’m more anxious than ever to get the last chart of the series but it’s not out yet.  Soon I’m guessing.  I’ll have to watch Needle Case Goodies shop.  (Side note:  I popped over there to put get the address to link and AHHH…she has more new stuff.  I had to tear myself away!!)

These little ones are only 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ when finished.  So they should be quick but then again, who knows.  There looks to be a lot of thread changes with them too.  I’m really looking forward to jumping into one.  I think I’ll start with September and the chickens.  Cross stitch is like quilting though….so many projects, so little time.  Oh my, I hope I get retirement time someday!!

I got a fun package from Barbara in NC.  I squealed when this package came.  Seriously.  My Kaffe quilt is going to happen.

Barbara wrote;
I hope you can use these scraps.  They are from a place where they cut and package precuts.  You walk on the production floor and pick through the scraps in big bins.  They usually hang the most recently cut over the side of the bins which makes it much easier.  I’ve gotten better at picking wider scraps, especially the selvage scraps, it makes them much easier to use.  I’ve made quite a few charity quilts from scraps I’ve gotten there.”

Oh my word.  How cool would it be to go to a place like that!!??  Dangerous for me.  The fabric is then paid for by the pound.  I have to say I’m so VERY happy that the company sells these scraps and doesn’t have them all go to a landfill.  Think of all the fun quilts that are made with what otherwise could have been thrown.  The narrower strips would be perfect for a piano keyboard on a quilt.  Ah…my brain is thinking.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies.  My mailbox has so changed.  Since the beginning of the year my mailbox has been filled with cards.  First get well cards and then sympathy and packages in between.  There were bills and papers I had to deal with about Kramer’s passing.  I’ve managed to put most of the bills to online pay so I rarely get a bill anymore.  So now few things come in the mail so the packages are more fun than ever.

That fabric is so tempting to dive into…as is the cross stitch pattern but alas.  I need to finish what I’m working on first.


15 thoughts on “Mail Call…”

  1. That’s quite a haul, so nice to see you are enjoying a little spoiling! Looks like you are going to have a lot of fun, kids, too!

    Boy, oh boy! I want to know where Barbara gets those scraps! I think that would make a wonderful ‘field trip’!

  2. Oh, I love the hearts on that February cross stitch piece! So nice to see cheerful colors.
    Jo, please be sure to LOOK at each online bill you get – don’t just leave it to the bank to automatically pay them. If there is a 1 penny difference between the bill and the automatic payment, the bank will NOT send out the bill. Or if the due date and the pay date move out of sync with each other so that your payment is counted late you will be charged a late fee, and it will mount up from month to month. Just so you know.
    Also, if the bank statement online or mailed says, “Return fee $5,” CALL the BANK!! They are actually saying “Something is wrong here and we need to talk to you.” They will not send you a letter. The statement is the bank’s way of communicating with you every month and you MUST examine each statement (online or mailed to you) for these little strange fees. My bank took $140 in this fee from my account after they stopped sending me a statement in the mail. I didn’t know to check the savings account statement online and it was three years of $5 monthly fees that I couldn’t get back. Good Luck!

  3. Yes, Barbara, please tell us where in North Carolina you got the factory scraps. I want to go there! And I want to blame you when I do .

  4. Jo, I just love hearing of your mail surprises! You deserve so much! Your perspective on life is an inspiration to us. God bless you, Jo.

  5. So nice to read about your personal adjustments. Sounds like you’re really doing so well. Love reading about your “mail”!! I agree with Ruth, ebills are great, but keep an eye on each one, monthly. Banks are really run by humans, don’t forget!!

    Keep creating!!

  6. Another reader here interested in those precut scraps in NC. That store will be descended upon by quilters like a plaque of locus if the location is revealed.

  7. Another reader here interested in those precut scraps in NC. That store will be descended upon by quilters like a plaque of locus if the location is revealed.

  8. I so enjoy seeing you go through your mail. I am thankful that these kindnesses have in some way eased the pain of the change in your life. It is good to see you smile. I don’t comment much and I wanted to just say how I feel. I also would like to know where Deb got the magnet. It is beautiful and such a profound saying.

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