Mail Call: Community Quilts Version

I got a package in the mail.  I never know what is coming.  It could be fabric, things for the kiddos, yarn, or even occasionally quilt tops.  I opened this one to find fabric and quilt tops.  LOTS!!  For the most part, I don’t get a lot of quilt tops.  Readers have been sending them straight to Ronda or one of the other charity quilters on the list.  (Find the list HERE)  I often don’t see the tops until Ronda or one of the other charity quilters send me pictures of the finished quilts.  Either way, it’s surprise to see what people have been making and are donating.

This box came without much of a clue.  All I know is the box came from Jan in Wisconsin.

Most of the tops are bigger lap sized.  They are being shipped off to Ronda.  Knowing Ronda she might add a border and get some that are closer to twin sized actually sized up.  There is such a need for twin sized quilts.

I loved the colors on this one….

This one was baby sized….The sunflowers sure are fun!

Here’s a monkey wrench quilt.  This one could easily be added to make it a little larger…a quick cream and then a brown border and it would quickly be larger.

Check out this one….Interesting right.   It’s not a project that I would have designed.  I’m typically a symmetrical gal and making things that aren’t symmetrical doesn’t often occur to me.  I like this.  Very interesting.
We all liked the next one.  What fun colors!!

Here’s a great guy quilt….

This one would be too.

…as would this one.  I know Ronda and other have said it’s hard to find good fabric and patterns that speak more to men.  Ronda supports a shelter that I’m guessing a few of these will go to.

This one was Kelli’s favorite.

Also in the box were LOTS of yardage.  Nothing was matched specifically to a quilt but there are several that will match most any quilt.  I can’t wait to see what Ronda does with them.

Can you believe there were NINE quilts??  What an amazing donation Jan.  MANY people are going to be helped by the work you started!!

9 thoughts on “Mail Call: Community Quilts Version”

  1. Wow what a generous donation from Jan! All the quilts are beautiful and will make great donations! I can’t wait to see what Rhonda does with them too!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    These quilts are all so very beautiful and represent a LOT of loving work. I am sure they all will be enjoyed! What a gifted quilter Jan is! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Recently you wrote about who you are with Kramer gone. It gave me a lot to think about and I wanted to share it with a friend that just lost her husband. I want her to know she is still my friend. You are still a light in my day. Can you share again with me. I’ve lost your post.

  4. There is no end to the variety! It’s just fun to scroll through and read about each one, knowing that they are quilts that say Someone Cares.

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