Mail Call….

I thought I was getting close to being caught up on my mail call posts…but I’m not.  More things came!!  I love getting mail.  It was kind of funny on this day.  I went out to get the mail and there was NOTHING.  That rarely happens..even people who don’t get things sent to them typically have at least a piece of junk mail so I went out again later.  Still no mail.  Hmm.  Then just as childcare was closing I went to the garage and saw there were several packages so the mail lady had put the packages in the garage.  That sneaky gal.  I never even heard her!

So what was in the mail…GOODIES!!

This box came from an Ontario, Canada reader.  AH…I was thrilled to see this.  The childcare kiddos were thrilled.  They so love yarn and they love it in all of the colors.  This is awesome.

We use yarn for so many things….the stitching we did a bit ago (find the post on that HERE)  We use it for lots of other things too…hair for crafting…playing cat’s cradle….making necklaces.  This is perfect.

Pat in Iowa City (only a hop, skip and a jump from me) sent me this for the kiddos…STICKERS!!

I sorted them out and have a project planned for the baby stickers.  The Christmas ones got filled away in the Christmas box.  Thanks so much.  The kiddos are going to love these!!

Donna was cleaning out her mother’s house and came across a couple old cell phones.  She sent them my way.  The kids were THRILLED.  Notice that there is no picture of the phones, only the packaging.  That’s testament on how quickly the phones were snatched up by the kids.  I went to find them and can’t tell which phones are the new ones and which are the ones we had.  Oh my they have a phone obsession.  Thanks for thinking of us Donna!!

I got a sympathy card with gift card in it.  Diane wrote that I should use if for a tree in memory of Kramer.  Well being we live in town we don’t room for another tree so…I’m “branching out” (pun intended) and I am going to be redoing on of the flower garden spots.  I’ll used this to get a hydrangea.  I’ll need several so this is PERFECT.  THANKS Diane.

Having a gift certificate to cover the cost of a plant or two makes the project so much more doable.  Now I need to get past these how summer days so I can tackle the project.  With Craig working at the farm I don’t know how much he’ll be able to help me.  I might be on my own.  We’ll see.

I am so thankful for all of the fun packages and cards that are sent my way.  You guys are too sweet to me…Oh, I love it!!

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