Mail Call

I am so behind on mail call and telling you all about what has been in my mailbox.  LOTS of goodies have came.

My friend Connie has asked me time and time again if there was anything she could do to help us.  I finally thought of something.  With Kramer’s neck the way it is it’s hard for him to see things.  I thought one of those things that helps hold a phone or ipad in place might help so I told Connie and asked her if she had a pattern to make them…and just a short bit later…..

Connie sent one in the mail.  THANKS Connie.  It’s working just as I imagined.  The blue plaid is the perfect fabric choice too!!

There were goodies from Tina.  You might remember Tina.  She had her whole life change after living through the California wildfires that hit last year.  Tina was thifting and found this….
How fun will it be to throw these cross stitch kits into a stitchy bag??

Ellie L sent some goodies for the childcare goodies….and a card…and a gift card for Kramer and I.  Her note was really sweet.

I am so sorry…I lost the letter that went with this fabric.  I had opened the package, set it on the counter by the dishwasher and then shortly after that Kramer ended up in the hospital.  Kelli and Kalissa were doing childcare and spent some time cleaning up for me.  In the process somehow the fabric got disconnected from the card.  AHH.  I hate that.  I remember reading the note and the writer asked if this is poison green enough for me.  This piece is PERFECT for the calicos I’ve been collecting.  THANKS so much.  Once I get back to sewing, this is on my list to tackle.

Thanks for understanding our circumstances…I really do love the fabric.

We’ve continued to get lots of cards…thanks a bunch.  The one with the dog is from my high school best friend’s mom.  She’s sent lots of cards.  Seriously, she’s the sweetest.  Cards for acquaintances from afar and cards from neighbors…letters and gifts from people who have been touched by our cancer story.

We so appreciate them all.  So many of you have said that you added us to your prayer group…thanks for that.

We feel so uplifted by the goodness around us.  Thanks to you all.

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  1. This time is a special gift you have been given, not all are this fortunate. Praying for you and your family that God will be there for you all. You are all such a loving supportive family. You are blessed.

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