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I told you since Christmas I’ve had LOTS of mail.  LOTS.  It’s been so fun.  I thought I could get everything in this post but have come to realize…that’s not going to happen.  So if you sent something and it’s not in this post.  No fears.  Another post is coming.

Anne from MN was organizing and found a couple shirts she thought I could use to make Bonnie Hunter’s Oregon or Bust quilt.  I’ve said before that I wanted to make it in blues and oranges so was hunting for orange shirts…Anne to the rescue.

I gave our mail lady a gift certificate for Christmas.  She goes above and beyond the duty of any postal employee…she’s always bring boxes to my door and not making me go to the post office to pick them up.  I love her.  Well one day I went to the mail and this was hanging on the box!!

There was a card.  She made and gifted me the wreath.  Oh so SWEET!!

Karen K bought a package of shirt from one of the auctions I had here on the blog and felt bad that the postage was more then I guesstimated.  It was okay with me but she sent money to cover the extra and added more to help with charity quilt costs.

Oh…totally unnecessary but very appreciated.

Amy in NH sent me fabric and a note that said, “Someone gifted me fabric and I’m more of a modern quilter.”….Yes.  I can find a home for this!!

The sheets I’m sending on to the charity group to my south.  They do a big push to “warm their neighbors” every fall offering quilts and bedding to people in need.  I think these sheet will be perfect for that.  The fabric is going that way too!!

Thanks Amy.  Thanks for sharing.

Ruth in MD sent the sweetest gift.  Ribbon Candy!!!  Remember I wrote a blog post at Christmas time about ribbon candy.  Ruth send me some.  AHHHH!  (Read post HERE)

I forgot how much I loved candy to suck on!!  Oh me-oh-my!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I keep the candy by the computer.  When I write blog posts I treat myself to a piece.

This might seem like it’s off topic but bare with me a second….One of the favorite books at childcare right now the I HIGHLY recommend is Groovy Joe Dinosaurs and Ice Cream.

The theme of the book is “It’s awesome to share”. Everytime I read this to the kiddos they all sing along it’s incredibly cute. I have to admit, while I’m reading it to them I’m often thinking of all of you and how you share so freely just like Joe in the book!!

Thanks everyone. It is awesome to share!!

4 thoughts on “Mail Call…”

  1. Thank you for the book review, Jo. I’m going to try to give each of my grand nieces and nephews one book a month this year and it’s so helpful to know what your kiddos really like.

    Your mail carrier made you a beautiful wreath! How generous your readers are, but I hope you know that their giving spirit is a reflection of yours!

  2. Love my doggy ice cream! It’s awesome to share :-)
    Such a cute video. It’s definitely fun to share quilty fabric too!

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