Mail Call!!!

Oh my.  With Christmas and the clean bug hitting many, my mailbox has been flooded.  So much so that I have to put all of this in TWO posts.

This whole post is about one delivery.  ONE!  Linda H from Minnesota was doing a little sorting and organization of her own sewing room and sent boxes my way.  This came.  I was trying to figure out what I possibly ordered.  A person doesn’t order this much and forget what it was!!!

I opened the Amazon box and the other box…ah.  Yep. I had ordered a book and I had ordered some CPAP supplies for Hubby…but what were the other boxes.  I noticed tags on them that said… “1 of 4”  “2 of 4” and so on.

I decided open box #1 first.  Oh my word.  The box was mostly solids.  One in EVERY color and EVERY shade I think.  WOW. 

I opened box #2…ah…a card.  I had to read that.  Maybe there would be an explanation…and there was.

Linda was cleaning out fabrics she wasn’t using and wanted them to have a home where they might get used.  PERFECT.  She offered that if there was something we could use, we could keep and pass the rest on.  She also sent some money to help get things to people who could use them.  AWESOME!!  I was ready to do some digging and sorting.

She was so organized that she even has tags on each fabric bundle.

There was a lot of nice quality things.  Box by box I unloaded.  I started with the box that had the solids and work through the boxes.  When I saw these I immediately thought of Kayla’s Family Consumer Science classes.  She teaches sewing classes (among others) and often can use fabrics.  Solids would be great for that.

The next box had more solids and other fabrics.  I took the solids for this box an added to the other box for Kayla.

Check out that dinosaur fabric….It’s so cute.  I saved that thinking I’d make pillow cases for my childcare kiddos with that.  The boys will LOVE that.
This was in one of the bags….Nice fabric.

There were two tops with backings….those are going to Ronda.  Kelli was all excited about the stack of fabric on the right.  Both of us have had fun making quilts from taupe fabrics.  Kelli said, “Oh mom, I know you’ve cleaned the sewing room but surely you can find room for that!”

There were scraps….
and scraps….

I noticed that there was no box that said “3 of 4”.  That has happened to me before that all boxes weren’t delivered the same day.  So the next day….the box showed up…nothing like some good “Scrappy Mail Call Suspense”.  
This one was filled to.   SEE??
a pieced backing….

Neutrals and reds….Hmmm.  So tempting.  
More solids.

There was a stack of green fat quarters…Kelli took those and is going to find a home for them.

Another batting…and goodies I can use with the kiddos.

Oh my word.  I still am in awe of all that Linda sent.  I have all of it distributed.

Some went to two different Quilt of Valor groups.  Some went to Kayla’s class.  The quilt tops with backings went to Ronda.  Kelli and I kept a few things (the stack of taupes and some scraps).  All the other scraps and batting went to a group of charity quilters who are from Cresco which is a town to the north of me.  Some went to quilters in Missouri.

So many people were helped with the donation.  I think this was the biggest amount that was ever sent to me.  How fun it was digging, sorting and finding homes for it all.  I love that I’ve gotten to the point that I have “connections”.  One would think all of this would be overwhelming…not a bit anymore.

Linda I can’t thank you enough for being a link in the chain for fun, charity and good works to happen.  Your generosity will go on to honor vets, help kids learn to sew, help charitable groups and make a lot of women who are working to do those good works happy.  HATS OFF TO YOU!!

7 thoughts on “Mail Call!!!”

  1. Linda is a generous person. I’m glad that her cast-offs will be used by those who will put the fabric to good use. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Amazing gift from Linda! So many people will have their socks blessed off with her generosity. Now we get to look forward to all the pictures of the finished items to look forward too!

  3. Linda is so generous! So many groups will benefit from her generosity and from things she no longer wanted! Quilters are the best!

  4. Wow Linda! I am in awe of your generosity. I hope you still have fabric left in your sewing room.

    I really enjoy these posts when Jo get fabric. I like to see what types of fabric other quilters collect.

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