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I’m trying something new with my mail.  I’m not opening it.  Well, I’m opening it but not right away when it comes.  I stack it up until there is enough there to write a blog post.  Do you know how hard it is not to open it?

I’m doing it because I am trying to limit mail posts to one per week and I’m doing it because too often I misplace the note that went with a box and people aren’t properly credited.

Before I get to the mail, I want to send a huge shout out to the many of you who have started mailing things directly to the charity quilters.  That has been awesome.  I’ve had several people on the list let me know that you all have been sending quilt tops or scraps their way.  HERE is the list if you are looking for that.  I also have had people who have contacted me saying they have a twin-sized top and asking me who they could send it directly to.  I give them the info and the top gets sent right to the finisher.  It’s been awesome.  I thank those of you who have suggested this as it’s working wonderfully.

If you or your group volunteer quilts and want to be added to the list of people who are open to having things sent to you, please let me know and I will add you to the list.  This is my email…

So…here is the pile I opened on this day…

Can you believe some of them sat there for a week before I opened them?  Kramer always said I have great will power!  I think this proves it!

There were three boxes from the same address…no name though.  I didn’t find a note so thank you to the anonymous gifter from Iowa.

I am a little curious if one more box might be coming my way.  Look it says “1 of 4”.  I only have two boxes here.  Two came on a Friday and one on a Saturday.  I’m thinking the #2 box might come on Monday.  Who knows??

The boxes were filled with bags.

Opening them was a little like Christmas.  There were lots of bigger cuts of fabric.

Even more….

There were lots of calicos.

There were was a few leftover blocks and some half-square triangles.

Check out this quilt top that was included!!  I debated and finally decided that I will keep this one and finish it myself.  There is a benefit that happens every year in my area.  The money raised goes to families in need due to things beyond their control…house fires, medical expenses…that sort of thing.  Our family is friends with the families that get together and organize the benefit so I know the money is appropriated fairly and honestly.  I feel great about giving to that fundraiser…plus quilts I take there actually bring a good dollar amount.  I’m sure this will bring over $500.  That’s AWESOME and will be so helpful to a family in need.

That benefit isn’t until August so I have a little time before I have to finish it.

The next box of goodies came from Donna…
The box was filled with great stuff.

There were fabrics and stickers for the kids…and cute buttons…so fun!

There was lots of embroidery/cross stitch stuff.

I was especially liking these ornaments… The “Noel, Peace and Joy” ones.  Aren’t they cute?

Judi sent a package.  She has a pretty UFO that needs a home.   They are all sampler blocks and are so pretty with the florals.

Cherie sent the next package.  Check this out…

YES.  I love it.  Cherie said I could keep it and I am.  I have a bedroom that I keep old cross-stitch piece like this in.  I’ll be looking for a frame at the thrift store to put this in…then it will find a home in that room.  Thank you Cherie.

At the bottom of the box were these fun interlocking pieces.  I’m guessing Carver will latch onto these.  He loves all things building.

The next box came from Sue…

All of you card makers, check out the card she made.  It looks like birch trees but, it’s actually paint sample color cards cut thin and glued on…so cute!

Check out the tool stickers.  Carver is going to LOVE them!!

There were lots of patterns.

In the card, Sue wrote and said she saved shirts from her son when he was weeding out his clothes.  PERFECT!  All are 100% and I’ll be cutting these up and using them in the next shirt quilts I make.

Christina in CA sent this along with a lovely note and postage money.  I had sent quilt tops to Tina to help people who were affected by the wildfires in the west.  I love that you all send things so I can get them to where they are needed.  This was definitely a case of that happening.

The next package came from Tina in CA.  There were fun 30’s print 1 1/2″ strips that were left from a project as well as other fabric goodies.

Connie in WI sent my next package.

There was a nice note, postage money, and goodies.  Check out these vintage blocks.  I am saving these and they will be offered at some point in a postage auction that I host here on the blog.

There was a quilt top too…so cute.

Much of this was sent to Jazz who was looking for backing and scraps so she could finish more tops for her community.  I recently talked to her and she was planning to deliver two big boxes for finished quilts.  She said many of them were because of your generous donations.  We both thank you!!

12 thoughts on “Mail Call…”

  1. It makes good sense for people to send many of the quilt tops directly to the finisher! You still receive lots of great stuff in the mail, Jo. LOVE that quilt top you saved for the Charity Auction!!

  2. How fun to open these great boxes and it has to feel a little like Christmas (as you said)! The quilts and blocks are so pretty. I am sure we will get to see the finished quilt that you are keeping for auction.

  3. Yes, I did drop off two BIG bags of quilts started by your creative and skilled volunteer quilters and finished by me. And in a note with my donation I credited the artists who created the tops. The quilts will make fabulous holiday gifts to the residents of the Goldberg Towers, a non-profit retirement home in Houston.

    On behalf of all the recipients, THANK YOU ALL very, very much.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    That quilt top is gorgeous. I don’t know how you kept from opening those boxes. Such lovely stuff. The cross stitch piece from Cherie. Is so timely and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for making it easy to contact the finishers and charity quilters.

  5. In your post above you mention Tina–to help people who were affected by the wildfires in the west. I have some quilt tops I would love to send her. Please provide her email so I can contact her to see if she would like them. Thank you

  6. Hi Jo! You sure hit the jackpot this week, with all those lovelies coming in. If Judi’s UFO is still looking for a finisher, I would love to try out some new rulers on it! We’re in Central FL now, and we are just going into our Winter season. It’s frosted once already, and they’re calling for freezes again tonight and tomorrow!! Highly unusual, and not at all welcome, but all in all, we can’t complain because they are so seldom. Please send me an email and I’ll provide you our new mailing address if you have something I can finish up for you!! Thanks in advance!

  7. Christine Jernigan

    Great goodies! I can’t link to the list of finishers either. Happy Holiday season Jo! Thank you for all you do for so many people.

  8. Joy Van den top

    Wow! Christmas came early! Those quilt tops were very nicely done! You’ll be busy sorting and giving, etc.

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