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This was a week full of mail call posts.  I’m trying to get all caught up on my mail.  I feel so bad that I’m behind.

The next package came from Omaha Nebraska.  There was a last name and no first name so I’m guessing the person didn’t want their name used.  Look what was in the box…a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt top.

It is so pretty.  This one I’ll send on to Cheryl in Dallas.  She ends up getting a lot of Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt tops.  Whenever one is sent her, I sent them to Cheryl.

There were other goodies in the box including a bunch of batik scraps…

I’m thinking that they were meant to be used to make these blocks….

There were other bright scraps.

..and more scraps.

I took some time and checked out the notions.  I’m a sucker for notions.

That lobster fabric I snagged so that I could add it to my novelty prints.  I’ve been collecting them.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them…just collecting at this point.

There was a note inside the box that said the sender had been gifted these goodies from a friend and then passed them along to me.  Also included was some money for the postage fund.  I so appreciate that.

Next up….Carla sent me another great bag of scraps…She seriously has the best scraps!!

I picked a couple of fun prints.  Of course, I like the Tweety nurse fabric.  I smiled big when I saw the big flower print.  Kalissa made a quilt with that when she was a teen.  I sent her to a quilting class at the local quilt shop.  That was one of the prints in the quilt.

The next box came from Carol B…QUILT TOPS!!

There were 4 tops with other goodies included.  This quilt was interesting….

Notice that the two fabrics in this quilt are the same print only in reverse.  I tend to shy away from included two prints that are the same in a quilt.  Here Carol embraced it and made a great quilt.

Carol did it again here in this Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion quilt.

See?  All the prints are the same only different colors.  Seriously, this looks really cool.

Here is another example of using the same print in different colors….

There was another one…it’s so large that I don’t have a spot to lay it all out and as I’m writing this, it started raining so I can’t take an outside picture.  This will have to do….

There was also a box from Ila…it was FULL of magazines.  Oh my word!!  The box was so full and so heavy.  I’ve never seen a sticker like this on a box.

When I said the box was chuck full…it sure was!!!

I’m lugging these up to my bedroom and will be paging through one or two every night before bed.  I just love paging through magazines.  It was so sweet of you to think of me.

I was so surprised to get this…
Gary from SewPad sent it to me.   That was so sweet.  You might remember that I said I was carrying mine up and down the steps from my sewing room to my computer chair.  Well, carry no more!  I have TWO.  Oh my.  I was so happy.  My bottom, and my heart, both thank you!!

That was the latest mail call.  I thought I was caught up but then blog reader Kim left a big pile on my porch!!

Typically I try to only put the mail of three people in one post but I was trying to catch up.  Those of you still on dial-up internet (yes there are some), please forgive me.

THANKS so much to everyone who sent goodies.  It really makes for some fun days around here.  Seeing generosity in action does a heart good.

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  1. Those magazines brought back memories for me. When we were packing to move from Oregon back to California, I had to really downsize. I spent many days going through all the magazines I’d collected (many boxes!). I took out the tutorials & ideas that really grabbed me & put those into large 3 hole binders. It was a big job, but I’m so glad I did, it really cut down on what we had to pack. Now that we’ve finally moved into our home we purchased & the quilt room is set up, the next job is to sort out those items in categories and label the binders. Sounds like a winter project to me…

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