Mail Call…

I’m LOADED in mail.  So much that I’m going to have to put this in a couple of posts!!  It’s a good problem to have.

This one came anonymously….

There were awesome quilts with backings…and binding.  WOW!!

I love the star!  I love it a lot.  I remember Country Threads having a pattern like this.

Both of these aren’t spoken for yet.  If you’re interested in finishing them for your charity, drop me a note at

The next box came from Jean D.

There were fun shirt scraps.  I am wondering if these were for star blocks or if they were flying geese…

Rosie wanted to be a helper and thought she needed to pose on the quilt.  I couldn’t get her to not pose on the quilt!!  AHH.

She takes her job seriously.  I ended up having to lock her in the kennel so I could take pictures.  How cute is the quilt???I love the large flower cut into small pieces.

I love the backing she pieced for this quilt…

Here is a fish quilt…the fish are appliqued onto the background fabric.

This is a fun quilt.  How can you frown and look at it??  I love piano key borders.

This is a panel.  Jean provided backing and binding for this.

Here another with a fun piano key border.

The “mitered” corner treatment is my favorite.  It is really a string pieced half-square triangle block.  It looks much harder than it is.

WOW…awesome quilts Jean.  Thanks for your donation.  These also do not have a home yet.  Again, if you’re interested in finishing them for your group let me know.

Next, I got letters…notes of encouragement which I so appreciate.  I love getting cards from blog readers.  There was postage month for the charity quilt project from Cheryl in Dallas…I so appreciate it.  There was a check for Iowa relief from Ellie…thanks!!

We are putting together another delivery to take to Cedar Rapids.  Kalissa will be taking Gannon to an appointment in Iowa City later this month and will drop it off then.

My friend Jean from Manchester had dropped off quilts for us to take last time.  I put them on the dining room table.  That night Kalissa came and loaded all the quilts into her car.  Well, I forgot Jean’s quilts that were on the table so they didn’t make it in that shipment.  They will go in this next shipment.  There’s always a need so that’s okay.

This way I can show you Jean’s quilts.

I loved this one.  It is so-so comfy and cozy.  It is Minky on both sides…the binding too.

Jean is an amazing piecer.

She has a great eye too.  Check out the wonderful striped backing for this…

This one is awesome too.  I love the scrappy border.  So cute!!

I told Jean I was so impressed with her inset seam quilt.  Jean laughed and said’s pieced in rows and is often triangles, not diamonds.

WOW…how fun!!  Speaking of fun, her next quilt is cute and fun too.

Check out the fun monkey fabric at the top.

This is so cute and I’m so happy that some of Cedar Rapids neighbors to the south are going to benefit from these great quilts.

I love that there is support from so many.  THANK YOU so much!

There is more mail believe it or not.  I’ll write another post in a couple of days.  I want to get caught up!

8 thoughts on “Mail Call…”

  1. I think Ruby has been entering into Rosie’s dreams lately explaining to her regarding the job of quilt sitter. I think Rosie has listened to her very well. She’s doing a great job doing just that!

  2. I don’t know if you got my message yesterday but the quilt pattern you were questioning a couple of days ago with the flowers is indeed a Kim Brackett quilt pattern called Flowers for Nana Girl and is in her Scrap Basket Sensations book.

  3. It is wonderful that people, quilters, understand the need of everyone. My friend just posted something for Craver for his birthday. She was told it should at your house on Monday. Again no to rush to post on it. Just something little for him more than for us blog followers. Yes my friend is spoiling him.

  4. Those soft brown eyes of Rosie gets me every time. Don’t crate her. We get that dogs are dogs. Besides we want her to learn to be the quilt model a.k.a. Vanna White of Jo’s Country Junction. :) just doing her job Mom!

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