Mail and Drop Offs

I met a blog reader Jane recently when she dropped of goodies.  When I say goodies, I mean lots and lots of goodies.  Check it out!

I could likely make one blog post out of what Jane sent.  Oh my!

Check out this vintage quilt top.  This will be on an upcoming auction.  Keep a watch out for that!

This was an unusual setting for a Dresden plate.  I love it.  Here is a close-up picture.

Jane sent a lot of orphan blocks.  I package them up for the Cresco ladies so I’m sure we’ll see these in quilt tops in the future.

There were other quilt tops too… Backing and binding included.

This one is wrinkly but an iron can fix that.  It was a little small.  I showed it to Sandra when she came and we thought maybe straightening the edge and adding a border might be a good option.

There was a ton of fabric.  This was the first box.

So many pretty prints.

There were quite a few panels.

Jane said she was downsizing.

Getting more of her things moved to the main floor was the focus so some things had to go.  I think we all can relate.

This next “book” panel went to the Cresco ladies.  They often take that style of fabric and make it into a quilt top.

UFOs and leftovers were in the mix too.

More started projects!

This box had MANY blues…

Even more blues.  Yes…this is another box of goodies.

I sent some of this to the Cresco Ladies.  As I was dividing, I tried to keep most of the blues in a box for them thinking it would be nice to have coordinating fabrics.

I kept this.  I keep hoping I’ll have a granddaughter that likes American Girl dolls.

Gannon and Carver were here “helping” me.

Yep…another box with even more blues.

Some of this I packaged up for another local group from Decorah.

I pulled a few bigger pieces and put them in my backing pile.  Some finishers need backing fabric and whatever I can send helps.

More panels…

Christmas fabrics too…

There was a box of goodies for the kiddos.

These aprons were so cute!!

They have been getting used.  Here they got used when we made pie one day.  She really took to making the crust.  She was a pro at crinkling the edge.

Carver was excited about the books and had to read one to me right away.

Dick and Jane are his favorite.

Gannon recognized an “X” in the bag…so cute.

Now for some mail.  I got a package from Deb in IL.  Somehow in the mix, I lost the pictures except for this one.  UGH.

The prints were great and I put them with the Christmas fabric from Jane.  Hopefully, together they will make some cute Christmas tops.

I don’t know if I missed a note with this box or if there wasn’t one.  I took pictures one evening when the boys were here.  Now it’s three days later and I’m writing the post and can’t find a note…and my memory is shot on remembering if this was sent anonymously or if there was a note.  Hmm.  It was a WONDERFUL box of goodies and I thank you for it.  Barbara, did you send this box?  Hmm.

It’s chuck full of goodness.

…Great magazines to page through…

Some great fabrics…

Patterns too!

Lots of fun scraps and fabrics for sure.

I am so sorry that I don’t know for sure who to credit this to.

The next package came from Wingdale, NY.  I set the firedog fabric aside and hope to use that in a future quilt for the firemen’s benefit.  THANKS!!

Barbara sent a couple of boxes.  Check out the fun goodies.  The kids loved the pages.   It didn’t unroll the fabric.  I slipped it into boxes and will let the volunteer quilters have a little surprise when they unroll it!

Barbara sent the next box of goodies too.  There was fabric.  There were lots of magazines included that I will look at over the next month or so.  I don’t subscribe to anything so I really enjoy getting them.

I was paging through and saw this quilt…This is one of the first-er ones that Kelli and I had published.  Yes, it’s a quilt that we designed.  How fun to see it again.

This quilt was long ago gifted.  I don’t remember who got it.

I do know we took the leftovers and made this quilt…It’s a free pattern here on the blog.  If you’re interested you can find it HERE.

What a fun trip down memory lane.  THANKS Barbara.

Many cards and notes came in the mail including some with African Violet leaves.  Thanks so much everyone.  I so appreciate the notes.

Wow…That was a big haul of goodies.  Can you believe I had so much that this is only the first post of two posts coming your way?  It’s been busy here!!

8 thoughts on “Mail and Drop Offs”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I like your Stars in Formation quilt in the magazine but I like thepretty little one you did with just the center star.
    Such a lot of goodness and fun coming in and probably already going out to the long-armers and quilt makers. So I know you have said thank you to the senders but I do to thank you ladies for sharing so much. Having been in need at times, it mea b s so much to see such generous giving. May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly

  2. Just today I saw a quilt that was very interesting as I have a grandson getting married next year. Went to the website and it was yours! Bohemian Rapsody. Gorgeous quilt!

  3. What a great bunch of goodies! Lots of people will benefit from all the wonderful fabric. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Yes Jo I did send that box. Packed it the first of June and didnt get into mail until late July. Didn’t recognize it at first. old brain lol. Anyway waved the white flag on the scraps hope you can use some,

  5. Love seeing your mail calls! May I make a suggestion – before you start taking pictures of the contents, take one of the return address on the box or the note in the box – then you know who sent you the stuff in the pictures that follow. I do this all the time, especially when travelling where I take a picture of a sign or description that labels the photo(s) that follow it. Helps me immensely, Terri in BC

    1. I do that Terri…but occasionally forget or take it after I took one picture then don’t know if the picture goes with which one. If I didn’t have a dog, five grown kids, nine grandchildren, and a full-time job, it would all be easier!! HA! It all okay. Thankfully people are understanding.

  6. Holy moley! What fun!! I quilted one of Cresco ladies’ tops today, they never cease to amaze me. You’re gonna need a bigger pole barn soon!

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