Made by YOU! The Retreat Edition

I have a regular feature here on the blog.  We have free patterns listed on the right sidebar of the blog, we have a book Country Girl Modern, we have patterns in our online shop and we have patterns often featured in magazines.  We have so many of you taking those patterns and making them in your own way and your own style.  The blog series features YOUR quilts made with our designs. We love the series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

Hello!  I have a treat for you today.  In 2017 Kelli and I hosted a retreat.  We held it nearby and MANY ladies came…not to see us, but to see Bonnie Hunter.  She was the featured teacher and it was so fun.  Kelli and taught and Bonnie taught too.

Sherry one of the retreat goers was so sweet and sent me pictures of her finished quilts from the retreat.  How fun!!  I am sure you are going to love them and enjoy the special things Sherry did to make the designs her own.

This is her Spider Web String quilt.

You can go to Bonnie’s blog and find her version there along with instructions on how to make one.  This is the LINK.

The next quilt Sherry has to show is…Moth in the Window.  This is also a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  This one is in her book Addicted to Scraps book.  Isn’t it AMAZING!  I love it and would really like to make one EXACTLY LIKE THIS.  It really has a big WOW factor to it.

Speaking of WOW…check out Sherry’s back on this quilt.  Again, I’d love to make one EXACTLY like this!!  I am so in love with this all.

This is one of those moments when I have to rein myself in and not run upstairs and start another quilt.  This quilt has been on my to-do list.  Originally I thought I would make it in shirt fabric as the original was done in.  Nope…I don’t think I will anymore after seeing Sherry’s.

I was writing this post I went to Amazon to provide a link for the Addicted to Scraps book and noticed that the book is FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  To learn more about that click THIS LINK.

The next one Sherry made was out Points of Light quilt.  I love her version…so soft and warm looking.  Every time I look at this quilt I can still remember how excited I was when I made the border.

This pattern can be found in this April 2017 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

All People Quilt- which is where American Patchwork and Quilting have their website, is where you can find back issues of their issues.  Here is the link.

WOW…I am so impressed with all of these quilts.  Sherry did an amazing job with them.  It is super sweet that she shared these.

So retreaters…Sherry wanted me to assure all of you who went to the retreat not to fret, she still has lots of other UFOs.

So…I’d love for you who went to the retreat to leave a comment and let us know how you are doing on your retreat quilts.  Do you have any, all, or some done?  No one will be shamed if you don’t have any of them done…remember, I’m the gal that had 32 UFOs when I started tackling my UFOs in July!!  Ahhh…

20 thoughts on “Made by YOU! The Retreat Edition”

  1. My Spider Web quilt from that retreat featured bright orange webs, king sized, and was given to my granddaughter for her Halloween birthday that year which was also her wedding. My Point of Light that year was in turqouse with batk border and I began a Scandinavian version in reds and blues which ionly needs the borders. Stalled out twice now, but by spring I could be free enough to finish. Thanks for the show, Jo.

    1. Stoney, hope all is well with you. I see you make LOTS of charity quilts and they are so very cute! Keep on stitching!

  2. Hello! My Points of Light has only seen the light once since the retreat, so little progress. Miniature Spider Web top is finished but not quilted. Moth in the Window is about half done, its for my husband. mostly in batiks. That was my first quilt retreat and I had a blast! I know its was so much work for you and so appreciated being able to attend.

  3. Congratulations Sherry! Beautiful quilts
    I too attended the retreat and reunion retreat, so much fun!
    Spider web quilt was finished twin sized and gifted to grandson. Moth in the window is completed and I get to love it! And LOVE Points of Light and gifted that away to a special friend. They were all challenging and fun to make. I shared photos on the retreat Facebook page earlier. So glad I was able to attend the retreat and made special memories with special friends!

  4. Hi Jo!
    Loved the show and tell. But really love your Points of Light quilt. I’ve searched for back issues of magazine with no success. Any chance you could republish the pattern?

  5. I was at the retreat too!! All 3 are finished, except Moth in the Window still needs to be quilted. Points of Interest and String Spiderweb were entered in our 2019 county fair ( first time I’ve ever done that) and they both received blue ribbons!! Thanks for great patterns and an awesome retreat!!

  6. But be warned that you apparently can’t download a digital version, but must read it on the Zinio website. Not sure it will print, either.

  7. Well that was exciting – opening Jo’s blog and seeing my quilts! Thank you everyone for your kind comments, thanks to Jo for featuring them AND for hosting the retreats and Bonnie – it was so much fun! And yes, no worries – I have plenty of UFOs left over to keep me busy, I am also following Mary at Country Threads with the Dirty Dozen to work my way thru a few of them, but I also seem to start enough new quilts to keep my UFO pile filled.

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