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In the great email clean-out, I found a whole bunch of quilts that viewers had shared with me.  They are all patterns that Kelli and I created.  I thought I’d share the quilts all here with you.

Kathy writes:
Hi Jo,  Wanted to show you my Chain of Faith quilt made in 2013. I gifted it to my step-granddaughter.

Think I may have to make this one again.”

The pattern for our Chain of Faith quilt is a free pattern and can be found HERE.


Dianne K in Oregon made our Black Magic table topper, opting to make it in Christmas colors.

So cute.  The free pattern can be found HERE.  We did ours in black and white for Halloween.

Theresa used a pattern from our blog to make this…
It’s a large Brick House quilt!  What pretty colors.

You can find the free tutorial to make this quilt HERE.  Great job Theresa.  I love it!

I got an email from a blog reader to who I had sent some UFO blocks that had come my way.  The email wasn’t signed and sadly I don’t remember who I sent them to.

She writes:
The churn dash quilt top is approximately 61 x 72 inches.

It will be several months before I’m assigned a volunteer longarmer through the QOV website.  Thank you for sending the stack of churn dash blocks and for making this QOV possible.

WOW.  This turned out awesome!

Here is another quilt share from a blog reader…
Hi, Jo! Several weeks ago in your blog, I shared that you finished a quilt of your daughter’s that you saw at her house, that needed a binding…so u took it home and bound it. I commented that I had the same fabric in my stash waitin’ for the perfect pattern, and another reader thought her pattern may have been Bento Boxes.

Well, I got a free pattern online of Bento’s and made this quilt first, and had enough fabric leftover to make the second one. 

Many thanks to u, your daughter, and one of your readers for the inspiration to make 2 quilts I will now donate to Habitat for Humanity!

Wow…I love the quilts.  Someone is sure to sleep well under these!!

Francine from Australia writes:
This is my “Self-Sashing Nine Patch” I made for my husband. The colors are a lot more vivid than the photo shows.

Thank you for your pattern it was a dream to make.”

This is our Self-Sashing Disappearing Nine Patch.  We love making this quilt.  If you don’t what to make for someone, this one is always a winner.  Put puppy fabrics, sports teams or whatever type of fabric your recipient might like and you’ll have a winner of a quilt!  You can find the free pattern HERE.

Here is another of our Self Sashing Disappearing Nine Patch quilts.  This one is baby sized.

rlhoo60 writes:
I just finished binding this baby quilt! I used your tutorial for the Self Sashing Disappearing Nine Patch. It really shows off the fabric and is fun and easy to cut and sew.

Did I do anything different—of course, I did! LOL.

1) I wanted it to be a rectangle so I did two extra nine patches and added a row to the length.

2) I still removed the “extra” sashing on one edge.

3) After sewing, I cut each nine patch but kept those smaller cut squares separate so I could play with the layout on my design board (i.e. flannel on the wall).

The last quilt of the day comes all the way from the UK.
Ratna writes:
I have enjoyed doing this quilt. I needed it to be slightly larger to fit my super king size bed so added 2.5 inch white and 5 inch navy border.

It’s quilted with a star and loop all over quilting. It’s too expensive to have it custom quilted in the UK so I went for all over quilting. 

Doing the stars took time. Thank you.”

WOW-WOW-WOW.  I love your version.  Very Impressive!!

Our quilt was published in this magazine.
APQ0218_CV1DG_webYou can read more about it HERE.

That’s how far I am in going through my email.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I find more quilts in the mix.  I love seeing your version of our quilts so please keep sending them my way.  You can email me with your completed quilt at

Diane wrote:
I saw this pattern of yours & thought it would be perfect for a baby quilt. Thank you…super fun & fast!

This is our Stacking Bricks baby quilt.  You can find it HERE.  I love Diane’s version.

Here’s a big treat!!  Someone made our Double Wedding Ring Quilt…
Linda K writes:

I have always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt, and when I saw your navy version in the June 2018 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting I knew I had to make it. I made all the melons leader-ender style. Thank you for the pattern. I love it!”

Hey…I love it.  WOW!  I’m so impressed.

Jill D made another quilt of ours…All are Welcome.

She writes:
It took a while but used all scraps from my stash but as you know; can’t tell a difference.  Enjoyed working on it and my LAQ did an awesome job quilting it.

Thanks for a great pattern.

That looks great.  Doesn’t it??  I’m impressed for sure!!

WOW…Thanks to everyone who sent in finished quilts.  It is always so fun for Kelli and me to see your version of our quilts.  What a treat.  If you make a quilt of ours, please send of picture of it our way!



9 thoughts on “Made by YOU!”

  1. Cindy Emerson

    All are great looking quilts. Where can I find the tutorial or instructions for the last quilt pictured. I think it is called All Are Welcome. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  2. Oh wow! That was a great quilt show. I love seeing what everyone made! It’s one of my favorite things to see over on Mary’s blog as well. I may not ever get to the level you all are at, but I sure do enjoy the eye candy!

  3. Beautiful quilts! Everyone did such a great job with your patterns. It was good to see the self sashing disappearing nine patch because I have started one of those.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Wow! The disappearing nine patch and the all are welcome quilts were wonderful all the quilts were great. You never know who’s going to see what you write when you get active on the internet. What joy to see quilts from all over.

  5. Hey Jo, when I click on the ‘blog’ link (think that’s what it’s supposed to be) for the big brick quilt (3rd one down I think), it doesn’t go to your blog. It’s totally not involving your blog or quilts at all. Just lettin’ ya know. Thanks!

  6. That was a wonderful display of quilts! I feel like I’ve been to a virtual quilt show! Thanks to everyone for sharing your finished quilts and to Jo for passing that excitement along to us!

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