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I have a regular feature here on the blog.  We have free patterns listed on the right sidebar of the blog, we have a book Country Girl Modern, we have patterns in our online shop and we have patterns often featured in magazines.  We have so many of you taking those patterns and making them in your own way and your own style.  The blog series features YOUR quilts made with our designs. We love the series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

The first quilt comes from Cynthia.  I’m embarrassed to say that this email was sent to me along time ago and it got really buried under all the stuff.  I have been working my way through my email.  I still have a long way to go (the sewing room remodel has been calling me) but seeing this quilt made sitting at the computer totally worth it.

Cynthia writes:
Here’s the quilt I did. Loved making it and was delighted at how quickly it went together! Thank you for the directions!

Cynthia made this using our Free Self Sashing Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.  You can find the pattern HERE.  Oh my…what a great eye for color.  This is a great quilt.

This is one of those quilts that the fabrics can really shine in. I’ve also learned that these make awesome quilts for gifting as they are quick and meet the tastes of many.  If you’re looking for a project for almost anyone for any reason, this quilt can fit your bill.

Kelli and I have made a couple of versions of this quilt…

Here is mine…


and here is Kelli’s.

People tell us all the time that this isn’t a disappearing nine patch quilt.  Trust me, it is.  Check out the instructions and you’ll see.  Find them HERE.

I sent some goodies to Paulette so she could make some charity quilts.  She wrote back and shared this…
Paulette writes:

I wanted to share with you some pictures of a baby quilt I just finished for a niece who’s expecting a little boy in January. When I saw your stacked bricks quilt pattern, it seemed like the perfect thing to use up some of my scraps and feature a fun robot fabric for the border.

I cut the border a little wider, at 4-1/2 inches, so I could see more of those cute little robot personalities. Thanks for a great pattern!”

Oh my.  I love it.  That robot fabric is fabulous!!  I love the striped binding too.

Paulette used our free pattern Stacking Bricks to make this quilt.

I made the original one as a way to use up the little bit of leftovers I had after making a quilt from precuts.  This was the perfect way to use them.  It’s especially good for jelly roll leftovers.  You can find our free pattern HERE.

That was such a fun post.  Seriously, the “Made by YOU!” posts are my favorite to write.  I just love seeing what you make with our patterns.

6 thoughts on “Made by YOU!”

  1. What a great pattern. I don’t remember seeing this before, but now that I have, I really want to try making one. It definitely is a disappearing nine patch.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I think seeing what almost anyone can take some materials and cut squares and strips combining colors as they please is what hooked me permanently to quilting and the two styles of quilt that were shared proves it. The baby quilt especially is so much fun to see. The disappearing 9 patch still has me a bit puzzled but some day soon I hope to do it.

  3. Thank you for the shout out for my quilt. I remember at the time I sent it I wasn’t sure it went as I was having email issues. I loved making it as a disappearing 9 patch instead of stitching all the borders on individually. I haven’t made another one but would definitely use the method again if I needed

  4. Would you believe I dreamed about making a Disappearing 9-Patch last night? Now I have to check out your pattern, lol. Thanks again for sharing them, and for all the inspiration!

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