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Welcome to a regular feature here on the blog called “Made by You!”  We have free patterns listed on the right sidebar of the blog, we have a book Country Girl Modern, we have patterns in our online shop and we have patterns often featured in magazines.  We have so many of you taking those patterns and making them in your own way and your own style.  The blog series features YOUR quilts made with our designs. We love the series as there is no higher compliment to a designer than to know you like our design well enough to spend your time and money to make it.

I recently got an email from Sue.  She writes:

I was inspired to make the brick quilt when the blog reader sent you the UFO and then seeing your Fly the Flag quilt.  I made this for my grandnephew for his fourth birthday.

He was saying he wanted to be a farmer and have animals.  I found the backing for a great price at a garage sale.

Most of the yellow is a banana fabric from a sewing group friend who gave up sewing.  She also gave me the brown stripe fabric.  I made a label on my Bernina using a tractor design.

Thank you for the blog and the wonderful ideas you share with us.  You have so much insight and I began following the blog when I saw all the love you have for others, and your love for making projects.”

Awe…this is …so sweet.  Don’t you love the quilt.  I might have to make one for Gannon or Kelli’s boys at some point.  I know all my farmer grandsons would love them.

If you are looking for more into on the free tutorial for the brick house quilt you can find it HERE.

I’ve made this quilt several times in different formats.  First there was this one…

I went on to make three others…

Here is a boy version…

Here are two girl versions…

You can read more about all of these HERE.

From there I was inspired to change things up…

It was featured in the June 2021 edition of American Patchwork and quilting.  The complete pattern is there but you can easily make it without the pattern and just use my tutorial for the block.

This was made of all recycled men’s shirts.

I have loved every version of this quilt that I’ve ever seen.  It makes a great quilt to gift as it’s quick and really quite easy.  There are not a lot of matching seams.

Thanks so much Sue for sharing your version…you’ve inspired me that the next time I need a quilt for those farmer grandson’s of mine, I might use my tutorial only make it just like your version.  I love how the inspiration is shared both ways!!

Again for anyone looking the tutorial is HERE.


5 thoughts on “Made by YOU!”

  1. Sue your tractor quilt will surely be loved and seeing Jo pattern made with a theme is so inspiring. Love it and I’m sure your grandnephew is loving it more.

    1. Susan from Michigan

      Thank you. His mother, my niece, says he is sleeping with it every night! That put a big smile on my face. Thanks Jo, too, it was a fun and easy pattern.

  2. Great quilts! I love seeing how different versions of one pattern change. They aren’t the same but they rhyme! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such an adorable quilt – John Deere is great! I made a quilt from this pattern but forgot to send you a picture before sending to my grandson for my great-granddaughter. It is such a fun and easy pattern.

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