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I have been machine quilting a PILE of quilts lately.  I haven’t shown any but trust me, I’ve been working like a mad woman.   I am just not a pantograph girl so that option is out for me….there’s custom quilting but honestly, some quilts are busy enough on their own without custom quilting.  All in all I love free motion and that’s what I want to do.  I’ve read books and looked at books on the topic.  My favorite by far is the Pajama Quilter’s goodies.

Now I think I’ve graduated beyond simple designs and want something a bit more challenging.  That lead me to YouTube…and that sucked up a lot of time but I believe it was time well spent.

I’ll provide a few links of free motion quilt design videos that I found especially fun. I loved this one so much I am using it the quilt I currently have on the frame.

I added this one to my list to try…

I added this one to my list too….

I already do something similar to this but want to try to do it more uniformly like she does so it almost looks like a panto.

I sure love that these videos are available. If you have a favorite YouTube video that shows quilting motifs, I would sure love to see it!!

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  1. Patty Happel

    Try the Patsy Thompson free motion quilting videos. I learned free motion from her videos, even fathers. She does them a little differently than most and it works for me. I’ve tried other ways but her method seems easiest.

  2. Thanks for the great resource I didn’t even pay attention to!! I always see custom quilting when I look at my customer’s quilts but I never “see” an all-over E2E and those are the money quilts!!!

  3. Thanks a million for posting these. I am deciding that I don’t like doing the pantos so hope these will help me. What designs were you doing before these? I am comfortable with loops, stars, and meandering, etc. Any other suggestions before I try the ones you are showing? Also what is the name of your favorite thread from Superior Threads that you said goes with most everything? Thanks again for sharing so much with us.

  4. after seeing a youtube from Nichole Webb, I made a very similar drawing as the loopy clams, I was thinking “paisleys” , I really like the outcome

  5. Oh thanks a LOT! I like to free motion too, but I love the uniformness of the panto’s. HOWEVER my sewing room is not big enough to have the machine in the middle of the room so that I can get to the back! I recently added a baptist fan ruller and a couple of other rulers to try to do that.

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