Lunch with Kayla and Jasper…and a little thrifting

It’s birthday season in the Kramer family. Our daughter Kelli’s was on the 25th. Daughter Kayla’s is the 31st and son Buck’s is on February 8th…oh, and Jason, Kelli’s husband, has his on February 1st. Whew.

I had planned to go meet Kayla on Saturday but then the stars aligned and we met up on Thursday instead. We met in Manchester, Iowa. It’s maybe a 90-minute drive for me and 30 minute drive for her. I don’t mind going the extra because 1-get to see her and Jasper and 2-Manchester has a good thrift store. HA!

We decided to meet at the thrift store because if either of us were late, the other could kill time at the thrift store. HA! It just so happened that we met both pulled in within two minutes of each other. That was good timing.

We decided to shop first and then go have lunch. Here are some of the goodies I found. I bought some old suit jackets that were 100% wool. I spent $12 all together. I’m hoping the blue one will work for some patriotic pieces of wool applique.

I found two pieces of fabric. I’ll send one to Carolyn who makes the baby gowns for Lutheran World Relief. Last I heard, he serger needed to be fixed. The other piece with the birds on it was $3 and there are five yards in the piece. Enough for a backing. YAHOO!

I love browsing thrift stores. Did anyone else eat breakfast cereal from the old Tupperware bowls? I ate LOTS for these. We were a cereal family. Nowadays I don’t eat much of it.

I decided to hit up the craft section…They had some dated cross stitch pamphlets. I picked up a few. They were only 25 cents. Some of these could be bowl fillers.

I picked up these. My daughter Kelli is hoping to get Georgia her daughter stitching. She’s turning five soon and I was five when I started stitching.

I liked the horse with the Xs. I think that would be a good pick for her to try to stitch.

My grandma Johnson and my Aunt Agnes were wonderful with Hardanger. I’ve always wanted to try. For 50 cents it can sit here and it the mood every stricks me to try, I can.

I liked both of these. The button packs were included. They would be cute seasonal pieces as well. 25 cents each. Sure. I’ll get them.

I grabbed this one…all Script Alphabets. This might come in handy for personalizing a piece.

The book on the left was all about chicken scratch work on gingham fabric. I’ve always loved seeing that and wanted to learn more about how it’s done so I grabbed that. The Silk Ribbon book…loved that too. That one was 50 cents though. HA!

I’ve seen this chart at the Stitchery Nook and have loved it. I went to pick it up and almost died of sticker shock. It was $50 or more. WHAT?? It’s because it came with the button pack. Oh my. Nope. Wouldn’t be stitching that. So this day I found the chart…no button pack but it might be fun to stitch it, then did through my buttons and find some that would work. I’m okay with they aren’t the perfect buttons…just something close-ish. For 25 cents it was worth the fun.

I flipped through a few more charts and saw this…

Oh, my word. Dare I hope what I thought it might be? I recognize that font. That’s the font from Blackbird Designs.

Be still my heart. It was! I wanted to scream but also didn’t want to attract any attention to myself. There were still two more baskets of charts and patterns to flip through. There might be other Blackbird Designs things in the baskets.

There weren’t. I went and told Kayla about my find. We went on eBay and looked the book up. It was most recently sold for $175. WHAT!! This is the sold-for price. Not the listing price.

That made my day!! It made my day big time! For those of you who don’t know, I collect Blackbird Designs charts and books.

I found this big hat pin holder. I will put it on the antique dresser in my spare bedroom. I love the tatting work on the edges. So pretty.

I would say that was an amazing thrift store run!! Kayla did really well too. She was mostly looking for clothes for Jasper.

From there we went to lunch at the coffee shop.

I thought this sign was so cute…

The food was really good and the company even better!! Jasper has warmed up to me so much and that warms my heart. I love it.

From there we went to the library. They have a lovely children’s area. Kayla and I sat and stitched and Jasper played. We did that for a couple of hours but I was on a timeline and needed to get home. I had to pick up puppies and had supper plans.

Jasper was SO GOOD! He let Kayla and I have a lovely visit.

I made good time driving and as I got close to home I realized I had time to swing into another thrift store. Here’s my 50 cent bunny for my dough dowl.

I grabbed a doll pattern and another alphabet font cross stitch book.

I paid $2 for this punch needle pattern with floss.

I also picked up this little wooden purse-type thing. I think I might put a cross-stitch piece on it. We’ll see. Maybe a seasonal one that I can change out every season. Hmm.

From there I head to the vet to pick up puppies, then home, then out for supper, and home again by 8 pm.

It was a long day but a good day…and oh my. I was still excited about finding that Blackbird Designs book!! So excited!

It’s fun to have things in common with your kids. Kayla and I are both big-time thrifters and plan our activities and driving routes around where thrift stores are. Kelli doesn’t mind thrifting. My other three kiddos tolerate and will go from time to time but they definitely don’t love it like Kayla and I do!

What a fun day…good thrifting and more importantly, the best company!

24 thoughts on “Lunch with Kayla and Jasper…and a little thrifting”

  1. 175$??? and you didn’t show us what was in that book, lettering of gold?
    Inquiring minds need to know. Maybe your next post?
    My daughter went thrift storing bought a silver looking necklace with a star fish, 20$. Checked it out at home, a little tag on the clasp said Tiffany, computer search said 150$. Have a blessed day people

  2. I got so excited about your book. My husband and I are dedicated thrift shoppers and it’s so much fun. One time I found a huge queen size log cabin quilt in various navy blues that someone started to hand quilt and stopped. I paid $25 for it, took all the stitches out, and long armed it. It turned out beautifully and was a wedding gift. I love thrifting too.

  3. I purchased a couple thrifted books, some time ago now, that show how to do the pulled thread embroidery. I also have been picking up the ribbon embroidery items when I see them. Someday….I am happy that lately I’ve been finding time to work on Land That I Love. Dare I aim for a finish before this July 4th?! I think the houses along the bottom will go quickly. Your book, bunny, and purse were such good finds. I love studying how you style your bowls. I recently found a dough bowl shaped basket, but I don’t have enough doodads to fill it yet. You give me a lot of ideas. Blessings

  4. What an awesome day! I wish I had a friend that liked to thrift. My thrifting buddy moved a few years back, and it’s not as much fun by yourself. However, the embroidery patterns with the x’s brought back so many memories. That’s what I started sewing with. I still have a couple of my early pieces. I hope Georgia takes hold and runs! Sewing is such a wonderful gift to teach our children.

  5. Stephani in N. TX

    Loved your day out with all the thrifting goodies. I learned to XS as an adult from my craft friends. I started out practicing with thread and Aida cloth. An easy start without a pattern is to stitch a heart from the bottom up with just one stitch and adding an extra stitch on each end, the top row gets 4 stitches with a space in the middle, and there you are. Plan to teach my grandson so he can make a gift for Valentine’s Day.

  6. What a great day you had. Jasper warming to you must be so satisfying, and you made some great buys! The fabric with the birds has me going green with envy. The bunny and purse are both cute, and the book is a treasure, as are all your pattern finds.

  7. Your day sounds divine. A quick road trip to spend the day with your daughter and grandson doing things you love with people you love; nothing can beat that! You have a great eye for thrifted goods. Congrats on all your goodies.

  8. Such a fun day for you. Like you said, great company It is so fun to spend time with an adult child, especially one on one. You certainly found some very good deals and so happy for you finding the BBD book. The little bunny is so cute! It will certainly be fun to see it in one of your dough bowls when the time is right.

  9. What a day you had with Kayla a& Jasper. You had some amazing finds. Loved all the stitching books and patterns. That little purse really intrigues me. It looks pretty old. I think I would look into it before doing anything to it.

  10. Wow! Great thrift finds! I would be excited for the Bent creek patterns. Happy for you on your Blackbirds book! I can imagine being excited enough to scream! I really like thrifting too!

  11. Jo have you ever been to the Camp Courageous Garage Sale in Manchester. When we did and estate/garage sale to help my brother all the remaining items were donated to them. We fill up his truck. They even came and picked everything up. Might be a place of interest the next time you go.
    Loved all the finds you picked up and glad you enjoyed the day with your daughter and grandson.

  12. Jo I have a nice collection of mother-of-pearl buttons, and I’d be happy to send some your way when you decide to do that button piece. I’m beginning a massive decluttering project this spring (is it spring yet???) (not in Michigan!), so I’d be happy to provide a dozen or so cool buttons in cool shapes. Just let me know what you need. PS You have an excellent bunch of thrift stores. Our goodwill has gone up-scale and up-price for the stuff that used to be 50 cents.

  13. Thanks Jo, I’m also a thrift store lover. You get wonderful finds. I’m a quilter but don’t find many fabric finds or patterns.
    Love to hear stories about you family. Best of luck with all your health visits and hope it will be over soon.

  14. Kathleen in Mississippi

    Have you ever seen She offers a free pattern for starfolk that made me think of you and your dough bowls.

  15. What a great day!! I love thrift stores too! I love that you all stitched and visited together at the library. I’m a February 1st birthday person too! Hugs,

  16. you are so lucky with these stores. I have been told if you are regulars you have better luck. Going to small independent ones help. enjoy your day.

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