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On Friday night the kids (Karl, Kalissa and Craig) decided to treat me on my last night before “THE DIET”.   For those of you who have been here for awhile, you know that I am doing a cancer full body scan on the 18th and have to do a low-iodine diet for two weeks prior to the scan.  So…the diet started on the 5th.

So where did we go…Luna Valley Farm.  It’s a farm that has a wood fire oven and they make pizza.  I had heard a lot about it from Karl.  He said it was awesome and I committed to go sometime this summer…but look, the summer slipped away.  Karl said we better go as they are only open through the end of October.  Our days to go, especially with my diet, are numbered.

They are only open on Fridays from 4-8pm except for a couple Saturdays.  All of the ingredients for the pizzas is either made or through them or local producers…  Check out our menu below…Karl said it changes from week to week depending on what is available for ingredients.  Can you see their sheep grazing in the pasture in the picture too?
Unfortunately we didn’t get there until later in the evening and couldn’t roam the farm as it was dark but next time we go, I’m hoping to be there early.

The place is in an old barn.  It’s been revamped and added onto to meet sanitation purposes.  Being Karl had been there before, we let him to the ordering.

We ended up getting …the Pig and Fig and the Middle Satre.

Here’s a quick picture I took of Kalissa and Craig.

They had a part of the barn fixed for seating.  Simple picnic tables and hanging lights create the atmosphere.  It’s very nice…quaint is a good word to describe it.

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best….it was because of the lighting.

Now let me tell you about the pizza.  A-MAZING.  I’d give it an A+.

So much so that I am planning on stopping there on my way home from my scan on the 18t and then going again on the 25th, their last night.  It’s all open air dining so it might be getting cold by then but worst case scenario, I’ll order the pizza and sit in the car and eat it!!

We had such a nice night.

My only regret about the whole experience is that I didn’t come earlier in the summer so I could have enjoyed it a few more times.

You can find their Facebook page HERE.  If you are from NE Iowa, SW Wisconsin, or SE Minnesota, this is must stop.  There is a bit of walk-just a couple blocks but it’s more like a farm path…if that would be a problem for you, there’s an alternate driveway you can use.  (We know because Craig was on crutches)  I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow night’s post.  Let put it this way…we’re still keeping the doctors in business.

On the way home Karl and I broke all restraints and went to the Sugar Bowl in Decorah for ice cream.  Like I said, it was the last day of me being free to eat what I want so we lived it up.  They have the MOST amazing ice cream…hard serve (My personal favorite)

I had a big laugh over the poster they had up.

Thanks Wisconsin for producing this amazing ice cream!!!

So…for my last supper (written in jest) I have the best food…Luna Valley pizza AND ice cream from the Sugar Bowl.  No worries…I’ll see both places again in two weeks when this diet is OVER!!

10 thoughts on “Luna Valley Farm”

  1. Bless your heart, Jo. Have you in my thoughts and prayers. I had to laugh at the ice cream sign. I love it!

    Take care.

  2. You and Karl are really winning at the new pizza place game. I hope your diet enables them to turn up what needs treatment and you can be done with that for a good long time. Meanwhile, i see pizza in your not too distant future.

  3. You are making me feel good about our Canadian banking. Our banks are open on Saturdays and have late evening hours one or two nights a week and every other night open till 6pm, Makes banking so much easier!

  4. I live in the panhandle of NW Fl only about a 10 min drive from the Gulf of Mexico. However, as you drive north you leave any sort of city and highway and get to farm country. I love visiting farm country and always the best ice cream because of the dairy farms nearby I guess. Last weekend we went to the Jay, Fl peanut festival. We drove for about 45 min through cotton fields that looked as if they were getting ready to be picked. Big cotton bolls. The festival was on a farm near Jay and the place was packed. We had to park near the road. There were 200 vendors but only one peanut vendor, go figure. There were a whole lot of deplorables, red necks and hill billies and we fit right in with them. It is very conservative here in NW FL. As we left to drive home, we passed another farm that was hosting a pumpkin patch and also had boiled peanuts. Have you ever had boiled peanuts? Its an acquired taste. You have to boil the green peanuts for hours with plenty of salt. We are originally Yankees from Delaware and New Hampshire and had to be introduced to the boiled peanuts slowly. Now we like them. So we have lots of farms and farmers here, just different products. Every other year they grow soy beans instead of cotton. One thing I will say about fresh produce, tomatoes don’t taste nearly as nice here as they do growing in Northeast dirt. We have a lot of sandy soil.

  5. You’ve got this, Jo…the diet, I mean…inconvenient, but necessary…now Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is another one of those necessary things…any excuse we find to go to Madison (75 miles) takes us for their delicious ice cream as well…and it’s definitely not diet friendly, but a necessity of life! Stay strong…you’re one amazing woman!!

  6. That pizza place sure sounds good, and looks good. Do they serve carrot ice cream? Just a joke. Good luck on your scan. I will be praying for you.

  7. Both places sound delicious. Next time I’m in NE Iowa, I’d like to go.

    The diet stinks but you’ve been there before. You can do it. And now you have something to look forward to.

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