Lucy’s Quilt Finish

Lucy, our little grand daughter is finally getting her quilt!!

Here’s where I was at earlier this week…loaded and ready to machine quilt.  You can see Ruby sunning herself at the foot of the frame.

Here’s how it ended up.  I’m happy with it.  Of course, there are things that I’d change.  That’s true with most every quilt I make…if I ever make it again considerations are always happening.  I’m happy that she’s getting a unique quilt.

I can’t thank Cheryl enough for the awesome scraps that she sent to me which sparked the project. The fabrics were PERFECT!!

You can see that I went with a small stipple for the quilting motif.  I want them to use it so that means it will get washed and that means some dense quilting would be appropriate.

Here’s the backing….(no one gasp now) It’s Wal-mart fabric.  It was $3.99 a yard.  I didn’t buy it because it was cheap. I bought because I loved it!  It felt really good…and I loved the print.  I know there is poor quality fabric but this didn’t feel poor quality at all.  Worse case scenerio, it’s crap and I have to make her another quilt…I guess I can do that!  I really think the fabric is going to last though.

It’s a directional fabric and I hate piecing that together so I’ve found the best thing to do is to make a joiner.  In this case I sewed extra squared together then when the two pieces of fabric meet it doesn’t look awkward as they don’t match.

Here’s a close up of the fabric…cute, right?

So how did the name and mouse and turn out?  Take a look.

I ended up blanket stitching around the letters it make them stand out.  If I did it again….I’d hand stitch them.  That’s what I did with the mouse.  I do think the mouse is adorable.  I embroidered a nose, whiskers and eyes.  For those of you who missed Monday’s blog post, the mouse is significant as our son calls her “little mouse” a lot.  She’s had other names but Little Mouse is what we often hear.

Aren’t these the perfect prints??!!?!  I sure love them.  I’m contemplating making one for one of my childcare kiddos.  Its so easy, yet turns out great.

For those of you wondering…this is a scrappy version of a disappearing nine patch.  I used squares that were cut at 3 1/2″.

Of course not quilt is complete without a Ruby picture…so here it is.

I’m off to see Lucy on Sunday…I’m giving this to her then.  Thanks again Cheryl!!!  The fabrics made my day.

19 thoughts on “Lucy’s Quilt Finish”

  1. Love everything about this truly original & unique quilt for baby Lucy ~ especially the name and the mouse & the backing is perfect!

  2. Perfect baby quilt, charming, colorful, and full of love. This is a special and unique quilt which is how it should be since every little one is unique and special. Big grandma points, I’d say.

  3. Awesome Quilt!!! I’ve been using some Walmart fabric and it’s just fine! Happy to see Ruby pose! I also loved see her are curled up under the longarm!

  4. Nothing wrong with Walmart fabric. I don’t think our ancestors used ‘quality’ fabric and there are lots of vintage quilts around. I use what I like. If it feels good it will work. Feed sack fabric wasn’t the best quality. I like it and Ruby looks great!

  5. I have not done a Disappearing 9 with smaller than 5 in blocks, but NOW I think I want to try it. . .Oh my want to make/try list is bigger than my lifespan capabilities.

  6. What a cute quilt! I love the mouse and what it represents. That makes it so special!
    Some WalMart fabric is not bad. They even carry some really good brands. You just need to be choosy.

  7. The quilt is bright and cheery like her grandma! Her name and the mouse really made it. Give her lots of hugs and kisses Sunday.

  8. This quilt is so cute. I love all the different fabrics.

    I’m sure Lucy will need a second quilt and you have just the panel to make it with.

  9. I love all your creativity. I have bought fabric at the “WM” and it’s worked out well. Do they still have $1 a yd sometimes? Have gotten some very good pieces that way.

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