Lovin’ Up on Ruby

While we were at the wedding, Ruby went to the kennel.  I have never taken a dog to the kennel and didn’t know how it would go.  The only problem with the kennel was that we couldn’t pick Ruby up until 5:30 pm and we got home at about 1 pm.

The house was so quiet.  It ended up okay but my little puppy grew while we were gone.

After I had been sitting on the floor playing with her and loving her up, Kalissa said to me, “Mom, you know you had been sitting on the floor playing with her for an entire hour, right?”

I explained that yes, I knew.  Unlike the rest of the family who came home from the wedding and immediately took a nap, I worked, did the laundry, cleaned our bedroom and got things done so I would have time to sit and play with Ruby for an entire hour once she was home.

I think Kalissa had an alternate motivation for razing me about sitting around and just playing because as soon as I got up off the floor, Kalissa grabbed Ruby and was loving up on her.

As soon as Kalissa put her down, Karl (who is home from college on Thanksgiving break) asked, “Has anyone taught Ruby how to play xbox yet?”  Well no one had, so Karl figured it was time for Ruby to “learn how to play xbox”.

As I write she is all snuggled up on Karl’s lap.  I guess we all had a good time “lovin’ up on Ruby”.  Yep, she is a spoiled pup.

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