Lovin’ on May Flowers

One of the things I really enjoyed about our retreat was seeing how others planned to make our quilt.  We taught two classes of our quilt May Flowers from our book Country Girl Modern.  Here’s our original quilt in this photo taken of Kelli and I with the gals that traveled from Canada.

Initially I designed this quilt and QUICKLY handed it off to Kelli.  It’s crazy but sometimes I design quilts with no real idea of how to construct them….this was on of those.

Kelli being the master interpreter grabbed the design and ran.  She is awesome like that.

Anyway at class I learned along with the rest of the gals in class that this is actually an easy quilt to sew.  The blocks are big and come together quickly.  The only thing that is challenging is the layout.

I so enjoyed walking around class and seeing the gals blocks come together.  I’ll give you a little tour around the classroom and show you what I saw.  There was one with awesome polka dots and stripes…and a classic.




One that really intrigued me was this one started with the gray backgrounds.  We originally designed the quilt thinking of flowers.  Look at the change when someone used gray backgrounds and plaids.  It suddenly lost the flower look and suddenly has more of geometric look…with a manly feel.

The colors below were a different look too.  The look was real crisp looking with the blacks and tans.


Here Doris is showing off her blocks with cloud fabric as the backgrounds….all were just so fun.


In our West Union group we had three people use a green as the background.  Those were fun too.

I am just continually amazed to see the combos that quilters come up with.  It makes me so happy to see all these variations.  I love when quilters take our patterns and make them their own.  Coming up next week on the blog I have several pictures of quilts that readers have made from our patterns.  I can’t wait to show them too you.

I wish all these girls many happy sewing days and may this quilt not turn into a long term UFO!!

8 thoughts on “Lovin’ on May Flowers”

  1. It is fun to see some of my blocks and blue stars on the design wall photo.
    I loved being able to see progress quickly with the May Flowers class.
    I had such a great time.

  2. This is my favorite out the four days we were in West Union. My blue batik-like background and K. Fasset fabrics are going to be wonderful when this is finished. Your patterns were very user friendly. After this quilt, I am moving on to Thanks to You with the solid colored wonky stars. Loved our time with you and Kelli. Looking forward to another retreat with you sometime. Thanks from one of the Nebraska contingent.

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