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A post from Kalissa:

As most of you know, we love beagles. I have a beagle named Betsy who is still a puppy (but her birthday is on St. Patricks day, my little puppy will be one!) Mom has Ruby, and Kelli has Puppycat. My mom is super helpful with Betsy and watches her for me, (well more like Ruby watches her for Mom) when my school/work schedule doesn’t allow me to give her the attention she needs.

So yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. I woke up around 7:00 like usual, made sure Craig packed a lunch and was off to work, got myself ready and headed out to school to brave the day. I didn’t end up bringing Betsy to my Mom’s house because I thought I would be home in the afternoon to let her out of her kennel. So I went to school for my four hour lecture, went straight to my nurses meeting at work, then stayed for in-service and ended up not being able to get home because I got caught talking with one of my bridesmaids who is home from college and lost track of time!

I jetted off to my next adventure which is helping with CNA State testing. A Registered Nurse evaluates the CNA student while he or she helps me (the patient) with daily cares just as they would in the nursing home. Well, this ended up running later than I expected too. Before I knew it, I looked at the clock and then I remembered that I never made it home to let Betsy out! I instantly just felt sick about it. I was almost in tears as I sped my way home to her.

Finally, when I got home to let her out of the kennel, she sprung into action! She was just SO happy to see me! She wasn’t angry that I had left her in her kennel for too long, she wasn’t giving me the silent treatment, she didn’t yell at me, she just loved me. I felt so bad that I even took her on a walk across town to check up on Mom and the new house. She was so thankful that I took the extra time with her! She didn’t make me feel bad to teach me a lesson, she didn’t hold a grudge, she just loved me.

Betsy and kalissa

When I got to Mom’s house I explained all of this to her and she said to me, “I wish people loved more like dogs.” And this really got me thinking. What if people could forgive that easily? What if we were more thankful?  What if we could love each other unconditionally like our dogs love us?

Betsy doesn’t care if I’m fat, tall, short, small, she just cares that I’m there for her. Betsy doesn’t care if I’m sick, she’ll come take care of me, (Craig always jokes she’s a better nurse than me). She doesn’t judge me if my house is a mess or that I’m still in my pajamas at noon on my days off, she is just is glad I’m home. She forgives me, loves me, and is there for me unconditionally. She is truly, a girl’s best friend.

As this blog entry comes to a close, I challenge you to love a like dog.  Now I don’t mean run up and lick someone’s face and pee a little because you get too excited; I mean love one another unconditionally, don’t judge others, and be quick to forgive and forget.

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  1. Betty’s is adorable! Gorgeous girl! And yes our world would be a most beautiful place if we loved like a dog!

  2. Hi Kalissa,
    Your message is sweet but you need to rethink this problem…and it is a problem. A dog cannot be left in a kennel all day long…even if it happened accidentally! Life happens and in your busy life this will happen again. Please buy a baby gate and put your puppy in the kitchen and use the baby gate to corral him in. Leave the kennel door open so that your puppy has a safe place to sleep and leave plenty of food, water and toys…and then if you are late, your puppy has been able to run, play, eat, sleep and enjoy life! He will still love you when you get home…and you won’t feel guilty!! It’s a win win for both of you! I am a dog owner and had a busy life so I know from experience that this works. I also know that before long, when the puppy is over his chewing, piddling stage that the gate can eventually come down and he can safely have free run of the house!
    And yes, I agree with you…there is NOTHING like the love of a dog! All the best to you and your pup!! Big puppy hug!

  3. Paulette and others who give their dogs free reign when there are not home…please don’t! I had a beagle years ago who managed to get out of the kitchen where she was gated in. She got tangled up in a lamp cord somehow, then chewed on it ( I guess trying to free herself) and got a nasty burn on her mouth! She was well house broken and generally just slept most of the day even if we were home. From then on she was kenneled when we were gone. And yes it meant more time with her so she got her exercise before we left and after we got home.

  4. HI Kalissa, Enjoyed your post. Reminds me of the song that is a favorite of my husband’s. LOL Love me like my dog by Billy Currington. Our dog gets super happy when my husband comes home. Not so much me!! Maybe because I don’t spoil the dog as much.

    Diane in WA

  5. Hi Klissa, I felt your stomach drop too. I’ve have far too many of those times in my life. I am madly loved by a pair of Dachshund brothers They are minis so when I crate them they are together in a crate sized for a lab. The truth is they only sleep there over night. During the day IF I leave the house they have access to the entry hall where the crate is,the kitchen and a downstairs hall . I have a gate across the hall so they can rush me when they hear my voice and a gate to keep them out of the carpeted area. There will be all kinds of advice from well meaning readers. You will and should figure out a system that works for you. There will be other days like this one but we all make the changes needed when called for. And just one other thing … That puppy is so stinking cute! I love my beagle Grand-dogs.

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