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Earlier this week I told you that I was able to finish the “Love” baby quilt that I was working on for my niece.  I finished it on time and took it to the family picnic.  Ariel wasn’t there as she was three days over her due date and the picnic was a couple hours from home.  It made more sense to stay home “just in case” baby McGinnis wanted to make her appearance.

I passed the quilt on to “Grandma” and she delivered it to “mom to be” that night….and here it is.  The pattern came from the book A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares by Peta Peace.


Only problem…I can’t find the other pictures I took of the quilt.  UGH.  I think I thought I already transferred them to the computer but apparently I hadn’t.  But by the time I figured that out I had already deleted the originals so too late.  The quilt is gone.  In the end, this is the only picture that matters to me so I’m glad this is the one I have to share with you.

It makes for a boring blog post though so I’ll jazz it up with pictures of Kayla projects that she shared at the picnic.  For those of you who don’t know, Kayla is my second daughter.  She is the knitter and crocheter of the family.  She takes Red Heart and other similar type yarns that are donated and thrifted and makes WONDERFUL baby afghans with them.  I look at them and simply admire.  My niece Jody who knits and crochets asks all the interesting questions….This Kayla made like a giant dish cloth.  It drapes beautifully as it’s double yarn.  She starts with two colors then as one runs out, she adds another.  That gives the blended look.


She did the one below in same fashion only different colors.


The yarn for this purple and teal one was donated by a blog reader.  What do you think?

We all love the simplicity and colors of this one…it’s just a “granny square” stitch only done in a straight line.


This one is my favorite.  It looks almost like a braid.  I should have gotten a close up picture.


Here’s a hexie Grandmother’s Flower Garden done in yarn.  She grabs all sorts of variations of small balls of leftovers for the green.  Her goal is to make the projects looks a little more like a scrappy quilt.  I love the look!!  It’s so perfect to mix the colors like in the picture shown below.


This is the last one.  This is webbed but not stitched together.


Once the last two afghans are finished, Kayla will have met her goal of knitting or crocheting a marathon’s worth of yarn project that will all be donated!!  That’s 26.1 miles of YARN!!  WOW.  I am so impressed with her.  Kayla has been crocheting and knitting since she was about third or fourth grade aged.  She was terrible at finishing projects.  All of that has completely changed.  She finishes projects all the time now…and lots of them.  Thanks to all those who donated yarn along the way.

For anyone wondering….My niece Jody is with Kayla helping to show the projects.  She is doing really well.  She’s trying to get back in the swing of things after dealing with the return of breast cancer last year.  I’m so proud of her…she’s a tough fighter.

More on the picnic in another post.  (As of my writing this) Hubby’s home and supper isn’t started.

11 thoughts on “Love Baby Quilt”

  1. The Love quilt is so cute!!! The afghans are beautiful especially since they are made with donated or leftover yarn!

  2. The baby quilt is adorable, and that is a wonderful photo! Wow on Kayla! Thank you for catching us up with her and her amazing talent. The afghans are all so beautiful, blessings to her for the donations. This is great that you do show and tell at a family get-together. Prayers for Jody for continued healing and strength.

  3. The baby quilt is super cute and I hope all goes well with the babys arrival. All of those afghans are colorful and I know they will be well loved by who ever gets one. Nice job Kayla! Prayers for continued health for Jody.

  4. I just love what Kayla is doing with scrap yarn. I have been knitting/crocheting since age 8 so I can appreciate how much work she has donated to these projects. What a wonderful thing to do for others!

  5. Congrats to Kayla on completing her “marathon!” Making the afghans is a wonderful way to share her talent with others. And so nice to see Jody!
    Your “Love” quilt is beautiful–a perfect gift for the newest member of the family.

  6. I am totally going to steal the double yarn fade technique to use up some scraps/leftovers this winter! LOVE the LOVE quilt and will be looking for the book!

  7. I know absolutely nothing about knitting or crocheting but I would love to donate to Kayla’s stash of yarns, as I may find them in the stores on sale or on clearance. However I need to know what weight yarn she most likes to work with and or colors.

  8. Have been following your blog for a while now but never commented until now. What a nice reunion and all those miles of yarn, and Carver just make me smile and smile. With all the commotion in our nation, it’s sweet to hear of fun family events like this.

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