LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat: Shop Tour Take #2

Earlier today I gave a little shop tour of LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat in Oelwein, Iowa.  I’m back to show you my favorite finds there and to reveal a little news.

This I loved first…..This one…I LOVED!!

Do you recognize the pattern??  It’s the cover quilt on a Kim Deihl book.  Isn’t it a fun quilt?  Oh I would love to make it.  The quilt is one of those I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t.  Amazingly, I love it in these exact colors too.

The other thing that caught my eye was the paper pieced quilts.  In my former quilting life…maybe I should call that BPP (Before Paper Piecing)…I would look at these patterns and admire them then move along because  I knew paper piecing wasn’t for me…Now, that I paper piece, I could look to my heart’s content.

I spied this one….

It’s the Country Threads pattern I bought some time ago that I gave up….Woo-who, I can resurrect that pattern and make it now!

I also spied this pattern….

Hey wait…I own that pattern too.  I bought this one in my BPP (before paper piecing) days too.  I loved it as well.  I can resurrect that pattern too.

Then I saw this one.

SQUEAL….feathered stars are on my bucket list.  The quilt is wonderful…..Oh I want the pattern.  But really Jo…do you really need another??

This one was fun too.

I am so glad I figured out how to like paper piecing!  All these quilt that were once closed to me are now open.

I do have to admit the thing I wanted more in the store was this….

I’m not quite ready for a new machine but…I keep looking so that when the time comes I have a little more knowledge under my belt and will be able to make a smart purchase.

And now for my news…BIG NEWS really.

When I stopped and talked to LouAnn, I scheduled the retreat center for July 30-August 2nd, 2015.  You may be asking why way out in 2015??  Well, I scheduled BONNIE HUNTER to come!!!!  Yep, it’s true.  Bonnie Hunter is coming to Oelwein, Iowa.

My daughter Kelli and I have been working on this for some time and have been trying to find a place to host it.  We finally came up with LouAnn’s Retreat Center with the help of my friend Laurel. I am so excited.  Kelli is so excited.  LouAnn is so excited too.    We aren’t taking registrations yet as it’s three years away but I am curious if anyone would be interested in coming at that time.  I am hoping my Bonnie Hunter groupies JoAnn, Kim, Sara, Nell, Debbie or anyone else I’ve met through Bonnie adventures email me at rogjok@iowatelcom.net.  I’ll hold spots for you all first.  Just to prove it’s true and she’s really coming to my area, check out the calendar here.  Woo-Who!!  I am so excited!

17 thoughts on “LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat: Shop Tour Take #2”

  1. COOL I loved the workshop I went to in June, in Ohio. Still working on piecing that Baby!!!! she is an excellant instructor. I’ve quilted since the mid ’70’s and learned so much at her workshop. I also have never challenged myself to do so mnay pieces!!!!!!
    nor did I have a ‘string’ collections until after her class….

  2. We had a tour of the Retreat center when we stopped for the All Iowa Shop Hop, would love to participate in a retreat there. Don’t know how you would accommodate a man, but be thinking of it, as my wife said I could sign up. Wish I’d have gone to Storm Lake when she was there. Also, if I had any of those patterns, I would share with you (but don’t). . . .from northern Iowa.

  3. Hi, Jo! Thanks so much for the great tour of LouAnn’s shop. I really miss it. I haven’t been able to stop in the last couple of times I’ve been home. Yeah, a Bonnie Hunter visit to Oelwein, IA! Who would have guessed? I’m so pleased you were able to make this happen, Jo. Great job!

  4. Love those quilts! I’m in Iowa,and I’d totally love to go to that retreat!

    Can you tell me what the pattern is for the third quilt in your post. LOVE that quilt.

  5. I have always wanted to go to a Bonnie Hunter retreat. Oelwein is 400 miles from my home in Southern Illinois, but I’d love to come up for this if I can.

  6. I love paper piecing. It’s so exact…that is if you can stay on the lines! LouAnn’s shop pictures. Some very nice patterns indeed. Sounds terrific a retreat in Iowa with Bonnie; what an arrangement you’ve made. I’d be interested in hearing more about the details. My interest has been sparked! Sandi

  7. Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I’d love to be there. It’s only a little over 200 miles for me.

  8. Hi Jo,
    Congratulations on being “published”. Your quilts are beautiful. I just talked to a quilting friend and we both want to be included in your Bonnie Hunter retreat in Oelwein. So ready for your time with the NEIQG. next spring.

  9. I would love, love, love to attend the workshop with Bonnie Hunter!!!! I lost my brother last November and, thanks to Bonnie’s inspiration, I am making quilts from his shirts. The first quilt top is done and will go to my 92 year young mother, and now will make quilts for his wife and our 2 sisters. I follow her blog daily on fb. She is just amazing and inspires me to do so much more. Great job on getting her scheduled.

  10. Jo -I’m in a block exchange group that just finished an exchange of Pie in the Sky blocks – that pattern by Kim Diehl at the beginning of this post. We made all of ours using only Jo Morton fabrics – and made it bigger than the original pattern. We just love the results. And the blocks were fun and easy to make. So go for it – maybe as an exchange!

  11. I am Carolyn Kramer of New Ulm, Minnesota and chairman of the door prize committee for the Prairie Piecemakers Quilt GUild. We are preparing for our QUilt SHow March 21, 22, 2014 and are anticipating in excess of 1,000 visitors. We have contracted Judy Martin to be our demonstrator/speaker for both days. I am writing to ask if you have a product you would be willing to send that we could use as a door prize. Thank you for your consideration.
    Carolyn Kramer
    116 N. Franklin St.
    New Ulm,, Mn. 56073

  12. Please add me to you list on those wanting to attend the retreat in Oelwein with Bonnie Hunter. Sounds like a fun time for all.

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