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I have a few things I really need to chat about. I’ve been trying to keep them all in my head and wait to address them individually but that just is making my head full so I decided to write a blog post and put them all together here. So if this post seems really disconnected, my apologies in advance.

First off…YES, the blog still occasionally has been acting up with hard-to-read posts…they seem like they are written in code. We have tried to fix this and just can’t find the source. It’s beyond my pay grade…it’s beyond my daughter Kayla’s pay grade. We straight up don’t know how to fix it. I’m sorry.

Some time ago a blog reader messaged me and said her son looked at it and thought he found a problem. I thought I forwarded the email to Kayla and it turns out, I just copy/pasted the message. We have no way to contact her and follow up. UGH. If you are that blog reader please contact me again at joscountryjunction@gmail.com.

The hardest problem with all of this is that it isn’t predictable. I write the post the same every day. There is no rhyme or reason why it works for some people and not for others. If one day you get a post with “code”…others are reading it just fine. Occasionally it’s more widespread but still, most people can still read it normally.

Also, there is no “computer person” to go to and they just fix it…at least not one that I’ve found. If any of you know anyone who specializes in helping bloggers work out kinks like this, please send their information to me. We really want to fix it.

Speaking of sending something to me:

DO NOT USE ANY EMAIL FOR ME OTHER THAN joscountryjunction@gmail.com. I will not get it. Other email accounts have been closed. Please check your email address for me and change it now.

If you want to get ahold of me, the quickest way is in the comment section. I check them daily unless something is going on and I can’t get to them. That is always my priority though.

I check email 2-3 times a week but not daily.

Some people have been starting to contact me via Messenger. That doesn’t work the best. I might see it at work and then completely forget about it once I have a chance to answer. It’s all too many juggling balls for me to keep in the air. For ease of my time and focus, the joscountryjunction@gmail.com or the comment section is really the best way to get my attention…again the comment section is best.

Speaking of ease…if you are sending an email doing something like requesting quilt tops, please include your physical, snail mail address as well as what kind of quilt tops you are looking for. It really speeds up the process. THANKS!!

Next topic:
A blog reader wrote me a note:
Jo…I’m hoping one of your blog followers can help locate an old BOM pattern.  Searching for 2005 Bunny Hill Design Rabbits Prefer Chocolate #1061 quilting pattern, mostly applique.  Since it is so dated, out of print, Bunny Hill suggested an internet search.  Since you have such a strong quilter following I would appreciate any help in locating this old pattern.  Love your blog and all the inspiration you share!”

Sadly she didn’t sign her note so I have no idea what her name is…I do have her email address: wnschulz@sti.net

I did send her a message asking for a picture of the pattern. This is it.

If anyone can help this gal out, please either leave a comment or better yet, contact her directly at this email. wnschulz@sti.net

Some time ago I featured a book here on the blog. The book was written by a blog reader’s daughter. We ended up reader it as a book club book. The book was And So I Roam. It was a good book. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

Her daughter has gone on and wrote another book Fever Dreams and Ill-Begotten Things. You can find that book HERE. The book is currently free to Kindle Unlimited Users.

I feel absolutely terrible about this next item I am writing about. This is one of those things that I think got lost when my email got all screwed up. Anyway…the story goes like this. A blog reader contacted me and asked if I would like a drawing of Rosie. I said sure. This was sent to me. Isn’t it awesome!! Rosie is my beagle. You can see her with my friend Connie’s dog in the picture on the left. On the right is the drawing that was sent to me.

I put the photo up and then in my crazy life, the envelope was lost.

The other day I had friends over and someone commented on the drawing of Rosie. Oh My!! That’s when I realized I forgot to blog about the wonderful drawing. I am probably wrong but I really think it was the same blog reader who shared her daughter’s books with us. UGH. I feel so terrible. I love and appreciate the drawing of Rosie. It’s just perfect. It is easy to recognize it is her. I don’t think it could be better.

I don’t know if she is available to do drawings for others but oh my. Wouldn’t a drawing be the perfect present for someone who is a dog lover?

So blog reader…one I am sorry and two…please leave all of your information in the comment section so someone can contact you if they would like a drawing done.

I have a blog reader Adelle who volunteered to finish some kid-friendly quilt tops. Sadly in the latest group that came in, I didn’t have any kid-friendly ones. If you have any kid-friendly ones and want to send them to Adele, let me know. I’ll give you her address.

So…I think I got a few things off my brain. WHEW! If there is something else I am forgetting, seriously, let me know what it is. I am trying so hard to catch up. I don’t mind a bit being reminded. THANKS!!

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  1. I seem to get the code message about once a week; generally at the second post. But the next morning, it’s readable. Wish I could help!

    1. Replying here so this type of comment is kept together.
      I haven’t tracked which message of the day it is, but like Ann? If I go back the next morning, the post will usually show up just fine. I’ve thought many times to tell you!

  2. I have found that when a post is garbled, if I wait a day or so and check back again, it is usually cleared up. It doesn’t post badly very often (for me) anymore, That drawing of Rosie is beautiful!

  3. Hi Jo,
    Hoping you are doing well. Yes that was a very beautiful drawing of your Rosie. Sometimes I have problems but- I’m no computer whiz…Wish I could help solve that mystery problem. My second garage room will be worked on shortly- we moved and then our son has also moved in with us and his sister and the two grandkids. I am back in my sewing mojo so once this Reunion quilt is done – I’m back to charity sewing. I sent our New address once but not sure it was received by you.
    I’d like to get started helping with baby quilts, gowns for burials and Christmas stockings if anyone has needs for these or fabric – please send my way. I can contribute as well as accept. Also any fabric to make flags and tabrets for church.
    Thank you and I’m always praying for this group and you Jo.
    June Tibbetts
    6221 Vicney Lane
    Midlothian Tx 76065
    jgasreltibbetts @aol.com

  4. Thank you for taking the time to address these issues. It has been awhile since I wasn’t able to read your blog, but codes still come up occasionally. What a great drawing of Rosie! So special to have that.

  5. What an incredible drawing of Rosie, it’s spot on! Whoever drew this is very talented!!! I also get a code message at least once a week also and on your next post I usually check and it’s readable!

  6. Regarding the “code” blog posts. Usually if it’s unreadable on my email I find it readable on Facebook. I don’t keep track of which is which but it always works out

  7. What a beautiful drawing! Whomever drew Rosie did an astounding job! Wow! Just wow! And what a sweet and generous gift indeed!

  8. Jo, the person who did that beautiful drawing of Rosie for you may have considered it a special gift, and therefore a one-time deal. Please don’t worry any more about the coded gibberish some blog posts start life as because the problem evidently resolves itself later. I’m glad that you have chosen an email – perhaps posting it on the side of your blog will make it easier to locate. Good Luck!

  9. fyi == the options to reply or forward on the email has the hellojo email address. perhaps that is how folks might get the incorrect address. Not sure how easy that would be for Kayla to change but if one is not paying attention to what pops when they are thinking they have written to you and not getting a reply back ?????????? just an idea.

  10. As others have said, when the blog comes through in the code appearance, by the next day it is just fine. I don’t get concerned about it; I just check back later. Thank you so much for being a dedicated blogger.

  11. If you email me Adele’s address I probably have some kid quilt tops to send. I also have juvenile fabric.

    I have the same issue/ thing with the coded messages — they are normal the next time they appear.

  12. I get the code when I go to the blog on Facebook. Then when I get your email the same day it is still code. But, like the others have said, by the next day it’s readable. Jo, I hope you are going to add the contacts you listed in your blog to the contact list you have. That list is very helpful. The drawing of Rosie is great!

  13. My guess would be that some issue/code in the ad that comes up is causing it and when the ad changes it goes away. But that is purely a guess not knowledge.

  14. Susan from Michigan

    Hi Jo. I did some searching and found your previous email listed on the following: About Draft, Causes looking for goods, Charity quilts) a few times within the body), Quilting donations (#23 has your old email to get her address), Places to send your quilt related donations, and Trunk shows and workshops. Hope this is helpful. Love your blog!

  15. Hi Jo! In regards to the computer code (jibberish to most of us) of a blog post one day….I’ve found the following day it is absolutely resolved and able to be read normally. I’ve only had one instance where that was not the case. So just be patient folks, remember which blog post it was and go to it the following day.

    The photo of Rosie is stunning! What a talented artist this reader is.


  16. Same for me with the coded posts. Next day they are fine. I think we all jump on at the same time in the evening and it may just not have fully loaded or maybe your server is just overwhelmed by all your loyal followers! No worries, I just catch up the next day. Looking forward to a new sew with Jo, whenever you have relaxed enough to film another. I know your plate is full right now!

  17. Today I cannot read your Doctor Update. This happens to me quite often, and I am hopeful that someone will be able to help you figure out why this happens. And often it’s the section of your post that I am most interested in. I hope your Doctor Update is a good one. Best wishes to you and thank you for all you do.

  18. Hi Jo, I love your blog and have been following for several years. I sometimes have the same problem with the code blogs. Not a big deal. The picture of Rosie is precious. Quite some time ago you wrote about getting a new sewing chair. I’d like to know if you are still happy with it and would still recommend it? Thanks for continuing your blog.

  19. Hi Jo, I am certainly not an expert by any means but have you or Kayla considered a virus in your computer? That drawing of Rosie is awesome and very professional! That was such a very sweet gift!

  20. Hello! This is Miriam Barbee who sketched Rosie for you! It was such a fun sketch and I am so happy to hear that it has blessed you!

    I am available to do more portraits: both of people and animals. If that is of interest to anyone here’s my contact information:

    Email: miriam@paintinginframes.com

    (I too have had recent trouble with emails…so I can also be reached at my other email (unofficial address): turkeywrangler@icloud.com

  21. Hi, just a though on garbled posts. When you are in you post writing window,
    check the little pencil icon on the upper left( on my blog, I use blogger and that is where it is). There are two setting in the drop down. One says HTML view and the other says compose view . The HTML is the code view. I found this ticked on , in one of my older posts and I thought the post was corrupted and deleted before I realized it was just the view !
    Not sure how you publish , but if that is on it will display the code view (garbled)
    Just a thought.

  22. Hello, Jo!

    This is Miriam Barbee the artist who sketched the portrait of Rosie!

    Thanks for posting it on your blog, it was such a fun project and I enjoyed spending time on capturing the beauty and personality of Rosie.

    If anyone wants to find me, my website is:
    My email address is: miriam@paintinginframes.com
    And I am also on Instagram: @painting_in_frames
    I also have an Etsy shop: PaintingInFrames

    Again, thank you so much for posting the portrait on your blog!

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