Lots of Little Things

I have about five little things I need to write about but none are long enough for a whole blog post so I’ll put them all together in this blog post. I’m so excited to do it because many these things have been hanging out on my to-do list and this way I can just knock them all out in one post.

I have been getting a lot of mail in lately. Some of these cards were from back in February and some later. I really appreciate the time you all take to think of me…and sometimes the charity quilt project as a few of these had money enclosed that I added to that fund.

The next item is something I need help with. I’m hoping that…

one of you might be able to help.

A quilting good got a UFO with these written out directions. Does anyone have any clue as to what the quilt might be? They are wanting to finish the quilt but would like to see a picture of it. If you have a guess on what the quilt might be, please leave a comment in the comment section.

The WONDERFUL blog reader who bought the UFO quilt that I finished sent me a check and I presented it to my son in law Craig who was representing the fire department. Every one on the department was SO IMPRESSED and thankful for the donation. Many-many thanks!! I think I might plan on doing this again next year.

I was going to wait and save this for a “Favorite Things” post but decided I better share it quickly. I have this toy at my house that my grandkids really love. It’s a building toy. The base pieces snap together and then you can “build a flower garden”. There are lots of different configurations for it. They are pushing “STEM” toys lately and this is classified as a STEM toy.

I am known for buying toys that I can put up with playing and this one I love. There are several different versions on Amazon…You can find them all HERE. I just wanted to tell you about it if there is anyone looking to fill an Easter basket with something fun.

A sweet blog reader boxed up the gently used and leashes she no longer needed and sent them to be to share with the rescue. It was wonderful. They were all washed and ready to be used on a new furry friend. I very much appreciate this. They will be put to good use. THANKS!! If anyone else ever has some, feel free to send them my way. We will totally make use of any gently used toys or dog equipment.

I got more mail in but I’m not really doing a lot of mail posts anymore. It was all too hard to keep track of…I do appreciate everything that is sent my way.

I bit ago I got a HUGE box of baby care gowns and goodies from Carolyn. She’s the one that makes the wonderful baby items for the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief. I so appreciate your talent Carolyn. So many area groups are being supported by your work. THANKS SO MUCH!! I did forward some money to Carolyn from the Postage Fund to help off set her postage costs. I figured no one who bought auction items would mind. Her time and talent are enough for her to donate without her having to cover the costs of postage too.

Can you believe she’s donated over 800 gowns since she started sewing them. Impressive!!

One last thing before I go…quilts. NOPE. I didn’t make them. A local gal in town’s sister made them. She called me and asked if she could use my porch to take pictures. FOR SURE!! I am an equal opportunity porch and will always share.

She is very active raising money for the American Cancer Society with Relay for Life. She is offering tickets for $5 each to get a quilt. You can buy them for Iowa Hawkeyes or for Iowa State. She said so far she’s sold more Iowa Hawkeye tickets. If any one would like to buy a ticket, you can contact Norma at this email address: normahackman@yahoo.com

Norma is also working with her group to be at the Spring Market. There they will be selling Kolaches and you can buy tickets for the quilts.

The kolaches are A-MAZING. They are seriously the best I’ve had…except maybe my friend Sue. She makes amazing ones too!! If you are in the area, you will want to get some. In our little town when they have the vendor show, they sell out in just a couple of hours. People flock to get kolaches. All of the money goes to the American Cancer Society.

…and with that, I think I’ve covered all of the little things that have been dangling here waiting for me to write about. Whew!

I feel so much better as I was trying to remember all of these things until there were enough big things in the same topic to write about. It’s a blogger problem for sure.

7 thoughts on “Lots of Little Things”

  1. What a good idea to bunch all the different stuff together in one blog post – I can see this becoming a future feature haha ;)

  2. Enjoyed this variety of topics. Sorry… I don’t know the pattern that the reader is looking for. And Georgie… what a absolutely cute model with the garden building.

  3. That UFO quilt could be a stack and whack quilt. It was a popular design around the years shown at the top of the directions. A bit like a crazy quilt.

  4. I appreciate the postage money. I should have 100 more gowns to send by the end of April. I also have 20+ undershirts and about a dozen hooded sweatshirts finished.
    Tomorrow I am going to ask a couple of friends to cut out hats and undershirts. I hope they say “yes”!

  5. Pamela Dempsey

    Great picture of giving the check to Craig, awesome smiles! The flower garden toy looks fun. Wish I lived closer to get in on the kolaches! Great post and also the donation stories

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