Looks What Came!!

The quilts are here!!  The quilts are here!!

We got our quilts back from our book, Country Girl Modern, but not all of them.


The came with a note from our editor that two of the quilts were saved back and will be featured at Quilt Con.  Kelli and I being new to the business side of quilting didn’t know what Quilt Con was.  Apparently it’s a trade show and it’s happening next week.  Here’s a link to learn more about it.  Anyway-the Kansas City Star booth will be featuring a couple of our quilts.

Once I got the stack unpacked I decided to check out the pile and see what two were picked to represent our book.

Gone are May Flower….


and Moda-licious.


I think those are the two I would have picked two.  It’s so hard though.  I do love the easier ones just for their simple appeal…but these two really are show stoppers with their unique construction.

We’ve had lots of wonderful feed back from people who have ordered the book and received their copy.

Here are a few comments….
From Shannon, “I got your book the other day. I love it. I am so happy to have it. I can’t wait to make these quilts!! Thank you!!”

From JanetB, “My book came yesterday and I’m so happy! It’s absolutely awesome.”

From Martha, “I received my copy of your book today!! Love it, You all did a wonderful job. Can’t wait to start one. Decissions decissions!”

It’s so nice to hear all of those comments.  It’s hard to “put yourself” out there with quilt designs.  Being thrifty myself, I am a bit conservative spending money so when you spend your hard earned money on our book, we really feel like we want to give you your money’s worth.  I’m so happy to be hearing such lovely praise!!

You may have noticed that there was a black garbage bag sitting next to the stack of quilts.  Originally when we submitted the quilts we made 14.  Our projects were kind of long so we couldn’t fit all of the quilt in the book.  We knew one had to go early on….that one will be coming out in an upcoming issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  The other two we haven’t decided what to do with yet.  We really like both of the designs it’s just that they aren’t as “modern” as the others so they were cut.  Actually they are probably the two Kelli and I liked best.  Time will tell what happens to them.

If you didn’t order our book yet and are still interested in getting your own autographed copy, we still have some available.  You can find more ordering information here…if you loved one didn’t remember you with a Valentines gift, you could always treat yourself!!

3 thoughts on “Looks What Came!!”

  1. QuiltCon is a modern quilt show. It was first held two years ago in Austin and will be there again this year. It’s totally different from any quilt show I’ve been to previously. My sister and I drove down from the Dallas area and took several classes in 2013. We’re driving down again but only for the day this time. I’ve loved seeing your books and will be looking for the quilts and the book when we drive down. I’ve got your book on my wish list but have to wait for the $$ to purchase it. I love seeing your house progress.

  2. Good Morning,
    Just ordered the book and put a note on it and now realize that it is autographed. Sorry, just got excited. I do that sometimes, lol. I can’t wait to see what you do with the “cut” quilts because I love your style. Would you consider doing a workshop on maybe one of them?

  3. Just got your book in the mail yesterday and it is now my favorite! The patterns are beautiful and easy to follow. My 5 y/o granddaughter informed me that she wants one of each of the quilts in your book. She showed it to her momma and daddy telling them that nana was going to make her a quilt just like every one in the book! So I guess I’d better get busy! lol Thanks for doing the book, it is top notch!

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