Looking Ahead in 2015

I sat down here at the computer to write this blog post.  I was planning to write the things that I hoped would come true in 2015.

I started out selfishly thinking I wanted
to be in my new house.
I wanted to be able to make the house payment.
I wanted to have our book be a success.
I wanted to sew many quilts.
I wanted to launch a pattern company.

Then I got thinking…
That’s not what I truly want.
I just want to be happy.

If I have all those things but not my health, would I be happy?
If I had all of those things but lost a child, would I be happy?
If I had all of that yet didn’t feel loved, would I be happy?
If I had all those things, yet lost my religion would I be happy?

Every time, the answer is no.

So I’m leaving it up to a higher power…
In 2015, I want to be happy more than sad.
I’ll take whatever form that happiness comes in even if it it is packaged around moments of sadness.

I wish all of you all the same.
So for 2015 here’s to more happiness for everyone in whatever form it comes in!!

9 thoughts on “Looking Ahead in 2015”

  1. As my Mother would say,”You hit the nail right on the head.” It is a time to reflect but truly it is a time for Thanksgiving. There is food in the oven for a loving family to share today. A cold winter day but luckily no snow so travel is safe for many. And a quilting world of blogs that are helpful. Sharing and heartwarming. Yes, a great start to a New Year.:)

  2. With a post like that Jo, there is no doubt in my mind that you WILL be happy this year! Thank you for reminding all of us about what is truly important in life. Happy New Year!

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