Lookie-Lookie: Wonky Wishes

Saturday I had the day to myself.  It was needed.  Some sewing therapy is just what Hubby ordered..and I listened.  I did need it.  I swear for clearing my mind, sewing is about the best medicine.

Trips back and forth to Lacrosse to visit the doctor gave me ample time to get most of the papers off the string sashing pieces.  Saturday I started sewing and I sewed and sewed and sewed.  Before long I had this….


I am loving this quilt.  Plans are for keeping this one for me but…I never know for sure.


Next on my list is to get this one quilted.  I don’t want it to sit around for a long time.  I have lots of quilts that should get on the frame first but I think this one is going to budge in front of the line.  I like it that much.

Some quilts can do that with…and this is one.

I’m off to figure out a backing…happily it can be any color!!  That’s the fun thing with a scrappy quilt.

For anyone wondering this is Wonky Wishes by Bonnie Hunter.  You can get the pattern here.

19 thoughts on “Lookie-Lookie: Wonky Wishes”

  1. I am amazed at all that you get done. It is a beautiful quilt. I can see why you want to move it to the front of the line.
    So glad to hear you are feeling better and hoping the rest of your treatment and healing goes well.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I am totally in love with this one. I’m so glad it worked as your sewing therapy. It just sparkles. Can’t wait to see it all quilted. Great job!

  3. Once again, Jo, I like your example of this Bonnie Hunter quilt better than the original one she made. We’ll let that be our secret. I have the Wonky Wishes book on my nightstand so I can plan how I’m going to tackle this quilt. You’d done a wonderful job.

  4. Hi Jo! I’m new to quilting and new to your website. I’d like to tackle the quilt titled “Chocolate Covered Cherries” and have a question for you –
    When you list the Fabric Requirements – what width of fabric are you assuming?

    1. We typically figure 40″. We have a published book and have done patterns for magazine publication. We are asked to use 40″ as a guide. When we are making patterns ourselves we don’t just throw out the last 3-4″ left after the 40″. We put that in our scrap bucket.

  5. Did you work from a planned color scheme for this quilt or did you blindly pull from any fabric scraps?
    The coloring is beautifully uniform; I want to make scrappy quilts and my intuition says to plan rather than grab….I’d really like to know what you do?

  6. I do love this one! I have the same question as Julie in WA has. I’m a bit of a chicken to do a scrappy quilt but yours ALWAYS turn out beautifully. Do you do planned scrappy or planned color theme or do you just grab and sew?

  7. Elizabeth McDonald

    Jo, this quilt is STUNNING! I think Hubbie is a really smart guy; you have had alot to deal with, and for many of us, quilts are our Happy Place.

  8. Just love this! You have a wonderful eye for color. Now go get this finished up so we can ogle that version, too.

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