Look What You Got Me Into!?!?!

Let me tell you front and center-I absolutely do not need another hobby.  But it looks like I have one.

A few weeks ago I showed this picture on the blog in this blog post.  Hubby had a baker’s cabinet and he was planning to rebuild it for me into something like the one shown.  The woods were all different so staining it wasn’t an option.  I decided to paint it but wanted to get this look and knew regular painting wouldn’t cut it.

Baker's Cabinet

In the blog post I asked for suggestions on how to get that painted look.  Well readers you came through and told me about Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.

Well I search all over looking at ideas with chalk paint, youtube videos for chalk paint and any and everything else chalk paint related.  I ended deciding to go for it.  We made a trip to Waterloo for Annie Sloan’s paint as there is a distributor there.  I ended up ordering ChalkPro Paint&Wax Brush – Small and medium one too.  I ended up getting Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set, 24-Piece paint brush set too.

I was WAY to chicken to just start out on the baker’s cabinet so I bought a set of matching shelves at the thrift store for 75 cents each.  The shelves looked pretty tough-the glue where the support was glued to the board was dripping.  I chiseled that off and cleaned the shelf.

I did two coats of country white.  Next I sanded and roughed it up.  I did soft wax and then dark wax.  It was hard to get the dark wax where I wanted it so that extra set of brushes came in handy.  The next day I sanded with 3M 32036 Imperial Wetordry 9″ x 11″ P600 Grit Sheet.


I can’t believe they are the same shelves!


When we bought the paint Hubby insisted that I buy this book Quick and Easy Paint Transformations: 50 Step-by-step Ways to Makeover Your Home for Next to Nothing.  I’ve been reading and studying it each night at bedtime.  I’m learning more all the time.
Kayla was home for the wedding and suggested that I paint some more things.  There is a craft show at the end of April where she lives and she was hoping to get a booth but didn’t have enough things for the booth so was wondering if I might share the space.  I have to admit, I loved painting these and just might do the craft show with her.

Any suggestions on what a set of shelves like these should sell for???

One more thing..as I was writing this post, I looked closer at the colors of Annie Sloan paint.  I had thought that baker’s cabinet in the photo painted Country White…but now I think it’s actually Cream.

I guess that means I need to get more paint…


7 thoughts on “Look What You Got Me Into!?!?!”

  1. Dear Jo, welcome to the world of painted furniture. It’s a wonderful place where ugly duckling pieces of furniture are transformed into beautiful swans! (Can you tell I’m an addict?) Painted pieces look great in rooms with quilts too. Good luck with your painting. I’m just off outside to paint. a kitchen stool.

    Regards from Merrie England

  2. Hi JO!
    My daughter introduced me to Annie Sloan!! Love her…I have a couple of cans waiting for me at home and a few too many projects!! After seeing your shelves I can’t wait to crack those cans open!! Happy Painting!

  3. I’m diving into paint too although I’m trying to transform the 70’s paneling in this old ranch house into something rustic and I am very intimidated by paint selection. Like you, maybe I ought to start on a smaller project first. Your shelves look great! Yep, sounds like you’re addicted! :)

  4. I am also an Annie Sloan addict and want to paint everything that doesn’t move. Coco and Duck Egg are currently my favorite colors. Enjoy your new hobby.

  5. My sister has started using Annie Sloan’s paint and did a very elegant transformation of a chair she found at the road destined for the trash. The Graphite looks fantastic and she reupholstered the seat in a black and white duck cloth. Looks fantastic! Good luck on the newfound painting – I know I can’t possibly add another hobby to my repertoire. It’s difficult to say what you should price your transformed shelves at. What would the craft show market in your area tolerate?

  6. Love Annie Sloan paint!! I use some Duck Egg Blue here at the beach. It is really lighter than the sample. Love her colors and the way the paint goes on.
    You are addicted as I am. When we start looking on the side of the road we are in trouble!!
    Can’t wait to see your other projects!

  7. Hi Jo;
    I love Annie Sloan paint! The blend of paint and wood, adds so much character and interest to a home. The pieces you and your husband have found are wonderful. The baker’s cabinet would be beautiful painted cream with the top stained. Your question about pricing items to sell would be what your market demands and bears. I would calculate my cost and time in producing that item. Talk to others who are doing what you would like to do. Look at other venders shops which sell items. I think adding a few sewn small items to your booth would make it more interesting. My sister has successfully done what you are wanting to do. She is loving it!

    Take care.

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