Look What Mary Baker Did to Me!!

When I went out to Cincinnati with the Country Threads gals, Mary Baker the shop manager, was trying to get “The Hunger Games” books read for her book club.  When I was riding in the mini van with her, she asked if I minded if she listen to her book.  I admit, I was a little curious about The Hunger Games.  There was so much hype and a movie…how do I resist?  But for the most part I don’t like fantasy type books.  Would I like it or not?

We ended up listening, and I’ll admit, I ended up liking them.  In fact, I like them a lot!!  I didn’t get to listen to the whole book so I came home and ended up getting a membership to Audible just so I could finish listening to it.

Then I liked it so much I ended up purchasing, Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games), for my Kindle.  I am half way through that second book and I already know, there is no way I won’t read the third book…

If I were to do this all over again, I would just get The Hunger Games Trilogy for my Kindle.  In the end, it would have saved me money and trust me, if you read one book, you’ll read them all.

3 thoughts on “Look What Mary Baker Did to Me!!”

  1. I can’t keep these in either the middle school or high school libraries. I also thoroughly enjoyed them, and am not a big sci-fi fan, but I couldn’t wait to finish them. I thought the movie was well-done also, especially since Suzanne Collins wrote the screenplay. I just started a book called Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, a columnist for the Omaha World Herald. Pretty good so far!

  2. Our 14 year old grandson was visiting with us for a week, and he brought along his copy of The Hunger Games. Of course I had to see for myself what he found so engrossing, so I bought the trilogy for my Kindle. Took me three days to finish them all (didn’t get anything else done, of course). It’s a great story and well-written, and I can see why so many people liked it. But I wouldn’t let my 15 year old daughter read it, because I felt it was way too violent for her. It was too violent for me too! Hard to imagine middle-schoolers reading this book.

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