Look what Gracie “Earned”

You may remember reading about our dog Gracie in past posts…well she made the blog again!  Take a look at the photo and see what she “earned” for herself.


Since we adopted Gracie 3 months ago, we have been trying to adjust to each other.  We learned that Gracie has to sleep in her kennel at night or she roams the house from bedroom to bedroom waking everyone up.  We learned that the kennel must be in one of our bedrooms or she will howl. 

We recently learned a few more things….she has serious seperation anxiety when we are gone.  All the experts call it seperation anxiety…my husband just thinks the dog has anger management issues about us being gone.  She has started dumping out the garbage and dragging it through the house and going to the potty on the carpet.  We tried all sorts of things; new garbage cans, relocating garbage cans, and walking her for a long time before we leave.  All of these things help for a day but after that she is back to her trash diving self.  She has even managed to learn to open the cupboard to get to the garbage. 

So yesterday we bought her another kennel.  She already had one for upstairs for night time…now she has one for downstairs when we are gone during the day.  We don’t anticipate using it that much because we are homebodies, but at least now we won’t come home to garbage all over.  It makes me feel bad that she has to be in the kennel but enough is enough. 

Please don’t let this discourage anyone from adopting a dog…even though Gracie’s garbage diving is real annoying to deal with, she is still a pretty special dog and her goodness far out weighs this little set back.

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  1. How funny. Our beagle does the same thing! He trashes our house when we leave and potty training is not looking to promising either. We have tried the kennel, he howls ALL night! even if he’s in our room! I’m not sure what else to do… He’s bound to become an outside dog if he doesn’t straighten up his act.

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