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Not too long ago I saw that a friend of mine was looking to start a blog.  Before I knew it, I had volunteered my help and our daughter Kayla’s help.  One evening I went to her house.  I don’t know how much help I was but I did have fun.

Let me introduce you to Carla.

She’s a super talented mom to three girls.  She grew up as  a farm girl in the neighboring town of St. Lucas.  Her husband is a busy-busy guy working in the plumbing and heating business.  For quite awhile Carla worked at an area quilt shop and served as their longarm quilter.

Her family called and Carla decided that she’d devote more time to them but missed working on quilts.  Next thing she knew she had her own APQS machine and was doing quilts for her, the girls and other family members.

Fast forward a couple years…the girls are spreading their wings and heading out on their own leaving more quiet time.  Carla decided it was a perfect time to work on growing her business..thus the want of a blog.

Carla does wonderful work.  She is very careful and, dare I say, a bit of a perfectionist….perfect traits for a person to work on your quilts.  She’s even done some competition quilting, having offerings at the State Fair.

Here is a quilt she recently finished for a customer.Isn’t that a fun Quilt of Valor?

When Carla and I were visiting, she was telling me that she didn’t know if she would have enough things to write about if she blogged.  I laughed.  Carla is so busy….she has chickens, gardens, makes all sorts of foods from scratch, does alterations, quilts, is crafty…oh my yes!  Carla has plenty of things to blog about.  She’s just getting up and going, learning the program, and tweaking things to her liking but watch out…she’s working hard on it all.  I really think you’d enjoy her blog….more importantly, if you don’t have a longarmer and are looking for one, I think you’d love Carla.

As I looked at Carla’s studio and then came home, I’ll admit the thought ran through my head how much easier life would be if I had Carla do my quilts and I could just sew at the machine…alas.  I know the trend now is to buy personal longarm machines…I don’t regret buying mine but at the same time, it’s piecing that I really prefer.  I do know one thing for sure, if I needed a longarm quilter, it would be Carla all the way.  She says depending on where the quilt is being shipped to she has a one to two week turn around…wow.  That’s awesome.

As I left Carla sent me home with some Lemon Bars.  YUM!  (There were more on the plate-Hubby got to them)


There she goes…something she can blog about….Lemon Bars.  I know I’d love the recipe.

If you have any question or want to learn more about Carla you can find her on her Facebook Page or on her blog Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  Even if you’re not looking for a longarmer I think you’ll love seeing pictures of quilts and projects that she’s working on…..

4 thoughts on “Local Longarmer”

  1. I’m going to check out Carla blog since she sounds like a great person and I would love to hear about her chickens and I hope she post the recipe to those yummy lemon bars! I don’t do my own long arming since I’m a piecing person so I trust others to get my quilts to the finish line. Will look forward to seeing Carla’s finished works of art.

  2. Well Jo, that was just a lovely blog. Thank you to you and Kayla for all your help! P.S. Chickens had to go. We have to many wild critters out here that were getting to them, but I sure miss those fresh eggs.

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