Living Life by the Numbers

So I told you last week about my cancer recheck.  I also told you that I had blood test that we were waiting the results of….well it came back.  It is for a test called Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker.  This is part of the tests that are done that indicate whether a person has cancer or not.

After I had the Radioactive Iodine Treatment two years ago, my number was 0.  I’ve gotten tests every six month since then…slowly they have been rising.  The number is still in the okay range and she said people live for years at the level mine is at but slowly, at every test, it rises just a few ticks.

The test is done at the beginning of my testing week and is an “unstimulated” result.  It’s done at the end of the week again as a “stimulated” test.  The tests are suppose to vary only a tiny bit.  The spread in my numbers has increase as well.

None of this is ALARMING…However, my doctor feels we need to proceed with caution.  That means on Friday…PET scan.

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I’ve not had one before.

For those of you who don’t know, a PET scan is done to screen for cancer.  Should they end up finding something, we’ll proceed from there….if not, the blood work numbers are still something my doctor is wanting to watch.  So rather every six months, she’s moving me to every three months for blood work testing.

I really don’t know how I feel about it all at this point….It’s hard to even believe it’s true that I had thyroid cancer in the first place.  I never have felt sick….never found a lump….but here I am.

I’m a pretty cautious person so I do prefer having a doctor who is acting cautionary.  I’d much rather be pro-active than reactive….so back to Lacrosse I go on Friday.  Once again my kids wait to hear the results…once again my childcare families are scrambling to find childcare.  I think through it all, that’s what’s most bothersome to me-inconveniencing everyone else.  I hate that my problem becomes their problem.

I did learn that Thursday I am on a diet again….this time no sweets, lots of water, lots of protein.  Well that I can do.  Thank goodness I love meat.  This will be MUCH easier than the last diet and this is only for one day.

I’ll keep you posted with what we find out.

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  1. Both my parents have cancer and get scanned multiple times per year. My Dad just went back on chemo because the spots on his liver and kidneys have increased. The thing the doctors here have explained about cancer is that it’s no longer considered an acute disease but rather a long term chronic disease like diabetes or heart problems. When you look at it that way, while it’s still scary, it just becomes one more part of routine health care and the sooner a problem is located, the sooner it can be treated. Good luck, sending prayers your way.

  2. Sending prayers your way! Caution is the wisest course and will help everyone sleep better I the end. Best of luck with you scan and then you can get on with your life!

  3. Your mention of how this affects everyone else reminds me of this child’s prayer: God bless all those that you love. God bless all those that love you. God bless all those that love those that you love, and all those that love those that love you.
    So, Jo, God bless you all!

  4. As you know Ms. Jo, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of your family and the “kiddos”. I appreciate the comment, cancer is a chronic illness. As an oncology nurse, I could not agree more. One step at a time: one positive foot in front of the other. You got this, girl~

  5. Arrowhead Gramma

    Jo, prayers are with you during this time. It is the unknown that creates stress and worry. Though seven years in remission, I still get nervous ahead of my check-up appointments (in fact this Friday) and pray for a continued low tumor marker number. Firm believer that the power of prayers gets us through the uncertain times.

  6. PET scans are fabulous tools to get a picture of your whole body. I love that you have a doctor that proceeds with caution while actively watching. Sending prayers of comfort and ease your way.

  7. Hi Jo, sorry for your news. I, too, am needing another breast biopsy. I go fir screenings every six months and I get bad news now and again. Nothing awful, just yet, but that uncertainty certainly upsets all of my family. I wish you the best. I guess we just need to take one step at a time and deal with each result one at a time too.

  8. Prayers and good vibes coming your way. The good news is diagnosis and treatment have come a very long way. Let it out. Keep blogging my friend.

    I too know something about living life by the numbers. Our daughter Brookes boyfriend had cancer. He made it. His grandma said Brooke was his “rock”. Ours was the home to come to; talk about it if he wanted; fine if be didnt; mostly just a place to come and hang out as a kid. He had 6 months of chemo, etc. Seven weeks after he was told he was cancer free, it returned. The second summer of their teenage love, pills kept it at bay until a bone marrow transplant. Brooke was only one of four to see him through the BMT. It was,a terrible time but he made It! I still pray for him often and I’ve never prayed for anyone more than him! The whole family loves him. But as it often is with young love, it wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Brooke will graduate from college in May and he is now in his first year of college. Their’s was a 2 year relationship, mostly cancer in tow. It set him back at least a year, but he made it! He was a warrior and always had a positive attitude; well what we saw. Our youngest daughter is still good friends with him. I truly feel blessed to have shared that journey with him. I think medicine, love, hope and prayers pulled him through.

    May you take good care of yourself,;watch those numbers. With whatever happens, you too will get through this. May your husband be your rock and family and friends your cheerleaders. Keep blogging, my friend.

  9. I love what Sally wrote. The infinite circles of love and prayers surround you and yours and theirs. Big hugs too!

  10. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hope that the no sugar part of the diet doesn’t last long. :>)

    Let me know if I can do anything for you. The plan is that I’ll be in the Main Library on Friday morning.

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