Livid..Absolute Livid.

I am so angry at this moment.  Rarely if ever do I get angry like this.  I know some of you who aren’t pet lovers might think this funny but trust me, I don’t.

Hubby came in for lunch today and Ruby, who was outside came in with him.  We were eating and I looked at Ruby and there was what I thought was blood on her face.  I looked again to see this.


Remember me telling you about the work they were doing on updating the grain storage and system here at the farm.  Well one of the workers took PERMANENT MARKER and drew eyebrows on Ruby.  They they took the marker and “painted” her toenails too.

No one who actually works on the farm did it.  I was either the cement crew, excavating crew or bin crew that did it…I am guessing cement crew…at least that is who I am going to SCREAM at first.

Right now, they are all out at lunch.  Trust me, when the crews come back, I will find out who did it.  I am so angry.  I can’t believe someone would do that to her.  I have no idea how to get it off.  It’s so close to her eyes I don’t want to hurt her.  Angry-angry-angry.

If it were up to me, I would have the person removed from working here….but it’s not.  Hubby is just the hired worker and we just live here.  I have absolutely no say over anything.  This is one of the reasons that I will be perfectly fine to move to my own place so I could fire the jerk that did this.

Update:  I went down and talked to the cement crew.  They “supposedly” didn’t do it.  I think I am even madder now.   After trying a few of  the suggested things to remove it, I think it is actually red paint as the hair is stuck to other hairs and not just colored.

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  1. Ellen Lipscomb

    Jo…..go get them! Dog or animal lover notwithstanding….I have a problem with people defacing animals or objects. A dog cannot stopt. Scream very loud!!!

  2. Oh my Jo! As the mom of a sweet dog myself, I would give someone a piece of my mind for sure! As far as getting this off, you need to be very careful. Can you call your vet or maybe a local dog groomer? I have never heard of someone marking on a dog like this. They are the lowest.

  3. Jo – I would be so angry too! I hope you find out who did it! Too bad you can’t send somebody out to borrow a red pen. Whoever has one might be your culprit! If you find him, take that pen and draw red eyebrows on his face with permanent marker and see how he likes it! Maybe you can also add…”I’m a jerk!” on his forehead too!

  4. call your local ASPCA or dog warden and report the incident ASAP.
    They can send a crew or officers out to investigate/handle the problem, and cite the person for cruelty to animals, which comes with a court appearance and a hefty fine.
    That way the person responsible is held to accountability (there were probably witnesses) and you don’t have to get involved.

    if that’s not an option, then call your local TV station or town newspaper and see if you can get a local reporter to do some investigating on the incident. If nothing else, at least the local pet owners will be put on alert that such things are happening in their neighborhood, and to keep an eye on their pets.
    So sorry that this happened to such a sweet dog.

  5. I’d be mad also. This is one step away from animal abuse and causing real harm. I’m for calling the local ASPCA. Ruby does not look happy, probably knows you are mad. Give her some extra loving.

  6. JO, I just happened to see this. I’m sorry! I think that plain old rubbing alcohol will remove it or at least dilute the ink. I know that when I’ve gotten it off of counters with alcohol. In fact that gel hand sanitizer will work in a pinch. Good luck!

  7. If you think its paint, I think I would try nail polish remover on her nails, if it works then maybe try some on a cotton ball on her face.

  8. I agree with pdudgeon as to what to do. I’m concerned what this person does in the rest of their life. It is obvious Ruby is a pet and this person was at their employment, what else have they pulled while on the clock. Needs to learn a lesson!

  9. ohh my, that is horrible. I would be so beyond mad that they would have to restrain me. That is too cruel, it isn’t the least bit funny. I’m not sure what will get if off, but you might call the vet and ask them. They would know what wouldn’t hurt her.

  10. jo, i would be livid too. but you have got to stop and breath. count to ten or whatever. you’re going to give yourself a stroke or heart attack. i’m sure whoever did it thought it was funny or a joke. i don’t think it’s very funny at all, either. that being said, it is going to wear off in time. give ruby a bath and maybe some of it will come off. ruby is not hurt. keep reminding yourself of that fact. she’s not hurt. people are just idiots sometimes. but please try to calm down. it’s not worth you having a stroke over!

  11. How can anyone be so cruel to a defenceless dog.I’d be sorely tempted to do the same to the
    culprit. Hope you can get her clean without her being too distressed.

  12. I would be so angry too! I hope you get to the bottom of it and the person responsible is held accountable. If it’s paint my try brushing it out with a dog brush? I wouldn’t put toothpaste or nail poslish remover near her eyes. Maybe baby shampoo would work without hurting her eyes. That is just terrible!

  13. Ruby looks so upset and I don’t blame you for being so angry. This is such a juvenile stunt. I’d call the vet and see what they recommend to help remove it, too. You may never find out who is responsible but at least confronting the people who are working there will send the message it is not funny and it was a really mean thing to do. Maybe the men in charge of the crews can get the message to cut out the nonsense. Hope Ruby feels better, give her lots of love and treats.

  14. I would feel the same way if anyone did that my my dogs. Ruby doesn’t look too happy either. If she’s like my Sidney they would’ve had to of held her down to do this. Dogs don’t like you messing around their eyes. I would still try to figure out who did this, and let them know how upset you are.
    I’m sure Ruby will be fine… lots of hugs & treats to Ruby.

  15. I wonder if you really think a guy did this? It’s looks like something a girl would do. Most guys wouldn’t paint eyebrows & nails? Just a thought. Any neighbor kids hanging around??

  16. Call your vet maybe they have an idea how to get it out. May have to shave really close and let the hair grow out. I would have liked to see you go off of those chicken _____ guys and no one would come forward. Best wishes to dear Ruby.

  17. A similar thing happened to our dog. The guys were in our yard marking the lines for the fence, and one of them sprayed Jake with orange paint. Not a little, all over his fur and on his face. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and the time and totally lost it. We called the company, who sent a rep out and explained that the guy who did it was afraid of my dog because my dog was barking. At the time Jake was in a pen, and couldn’t get out, so I still don’t understand why he did it. Some people are just mean.

  18. Bastards!!! Actually there is plenty you can do…..though it might cost your hubby his job. You put that poor dog’s picture on here…I don’t know what your readership is…but quite a few people will see it. Now, name name’s. Tell everyone the names of the companies who employ people who would do this. Include phone numbers & email addresses. Put it on Facebook, name name’s there too, phone numbers, email addresses. Put up pictures with the information in the grocery store, post office, wherever a lot of people see it. The owners of the businesses working at the farm right now will be madder than hell, but they hired the sickos so let them take some heat for it. Animal lovers everywhere will come down on them. Poor Ruby, she knows something is wrong, that people laughed at her and that you’re mad. She just doesn’t know why, sweet girl that she is. Can you tell I’m pretty vengeful when someone mistreats a sweet animal like this?

  19. It reminds me of something a 10-12 year old boy might do. My sons colored the light tan parts of our dog green with marker one day when I was at work. Boy did they get it! It came off in the bathtub thank goodness. Good luck finding the culprit. Hugs to cute Ruby.

  20. I cannot believe the nerve of some people. Why anyone would paint something that is not theirs is beyond me! Would they do this to an outbuilding or your car? Why do they think it’s acceptable to do this to a living, breathing creature?!?!?! I would be furious too! I hope you find out who did this horrible thing.

  21. Jo, I am so sorry for Ruby. Please DON’T use any of the products mentioned here they could do harm to Ruby’s eyes for one. If it is paint or marker either way it will wear off in time. And maybe this way after you give the person a piece of your mind it will be a reminder to them that they made a huge mistake. Take care and give Ruby lots of hugs and reassurance that all is well with you and her.

  22. I would be APOPLECTIC!!! The Red Mist would have descended. I hope you find the culprit, though sadly, I think that whatever you say will be laughed at. Unfortunately, you can’t reason with a moron. Hope Ruby is ok. Thanks for a great blog. x

  23. OK, doing all the things in my previous comment would probably just get you sued, but I would certainly show poor Ruby’s picture around locally and let folks know what crews were on the place working that day. Chances are SOMEONE is going to take some flack for it and that person certainly deserves it. Give Ruby lots of extra love & treats so she knows she’s a good dog and you don’t blame her for anything. I swear, there are just too many people walking the earth who are a total waste of oxygen!!

  24. if someone did that to my dog……*grr* they say “hell hath no fury…”

    i’m so SO sorry for you and poor ruby….what type of mentality thinks this is proper behavior…

    i think you might of scared them when you went back, so much that no one is fessing up….

  25. Who does that???? I would ask your husband to speak to his boss. Have him (boss) speak to the crews and tell them that whatever happened to Ruby is not acceptable. Because you do not know what was used to mark her, you do not know how to clean her properly. You will probably never get an apology but its the least someone can do at this point is to give some clue as to what she was marked with……… I would be livid too. Hope you have a better start to the weekend.

  26. Do what Pdudgeon suggests please! He needs to own up for what he did and should not get away with it….what must he do to poor trusting animals when no one is around?!

  27. use one of those eyebrow trimmers that Bonnie Hunter uses to rip out stitches and ask yourself How much will it matter a year from now .The dog is not dead . It is reversible. I am sure he did not set out with sole purpose of making you mad..When I am that mad at someone I give away my control because it consumes me and he probably hasn’t got a clue

  28. Jo, you have every right to be upset. You should go with your husband (and your pooch) and speak with whomever is in charge of the idiots who thought that this was a fun thing to do.

    My first dog was paint balled within 3 months of our moving into our 1st home. . . . and it was done by the neighbor kids down the street that knew me, knew my dog and everything. One of the paint balls almost took out his eye. I went to the police and reported them. . . . decided that I wouldn’t press charges (in hind sight I should have) because I didn’t want to be labeled as a troublemaker in the neighborhood.

    This is absolutely insane. . . . . .I’m thinking that you should be walking your pup so that the idiots don’t get any other “bright” ideas.

  29. Bobbie BentNeedle

    Try olive oil – I thought I remembered Mama using oil to get paint out of my hair – and googled “paint out of hair” – it didn’t dissolve it (which would be bad if it got in her eyes) but made it softer and it sorta slid off the hair shafts. I would try putting oil on and letting it soak for a little while, the comb with a fine tooth comb. It should get the paint off but may leave some pigment behind. Fingers crossed you find the goon that did this and give him a piece of your mind!

  30. I’m in shock at what I saw. I can’t believe it would enter someone’s mind do this! Ruby has such a pretty coat too. I hope it comes off ok. I read another comment that happened to another dog. How horrible.

  31. The individual(s) who marked your sweet dog are immature and show signs of serious antisocial behavior. You have every right to be angry that your dog was treated so poorly. The marks will go away in time but I’m not sure the culprit(s) won’t just move on to worse acts.

  32. I would not want someone working for me that would do that to an animal—-that person is a total sicko—–I am so angry with you…..

  33. I would not want someone working for me that would do that to an animal—-that person is a total sicko– who ever is in charge should fire them and the other that watched should be responsible too…they should pay for a vet visit to figure out how to remove the paint —I am so angry with you…..

  34. I am angry also & hope that you find an easy way to remove it easily. The first thought that sprang to my mind is alternating coconut oil & a cloth with apple cider vinegar.
    No matter what, give Ruby a big hug & kiss for me.

  35. Whatever you use, perhaps a cotton bud for near Ruby’s eyes to apply it? Poor Ruby. Such a low life act of abuse and cruelty. Speaks volumes about the person who did it.

  36. barbara corbitt

    i would be as mad as you are. i lost my best four legged friend today. her name was missy and she was a poodle terrier mix. i got her three years ago after my daughter died in my arms from a blood clot to her lung. missy saw me through so many dark days. she was so sweet tempered and loving. i noticed monday that she wasnt eating and tuesday she was shaking. i took her to my wonderful vet who did surgery on her even though i couldnt pay him. she had a kidney stone the size of a large walnut. i brought her home on wednesday and have been feeding her gator ade and ensure with a dropper. but her kidneys had too much damage and she couldnt bounce back. i am so heartbroken right now. rest in peace missy.

  37. So sorry about your sweet pup! Keep your cool, eyes and ears open, mouth quiet, for now! You may yet find out something. I agree with the suggestion to consult a vet or groomer before trying some remedies, for safety’s sake. You might also report it to the police and/or the animal protection people. If you live in a small town, and those workers live in your community, the word will get around without you having to do it. Might cause a little shame where it is mightily deserved. I’ve had my lovely golden retriever mistreated in various ways throughout his 11 years, sometimes right in front of me. I wanted to take the head off the teenaged monster boy who walked right into us on the sidewalk, forcing us off, then pulling my dog’s tail as he passed us. My dog always does the friendly “dog talk” bark to everyone he comes into contact with. He loved/loves everyone. But people who don’t know dogs are intimidated, because he is a very tall, very long golden weighing in at 90/95 pounds. But vets and “dog people” always laugh delightedly and say “Oh, he’s quite the talker!” I really love my dog too, and can certainly imagine how angry and upset you must be.

  38. When I first saw it I did laugh a little. When my son was small he did somewhat of the same thing to our dog, but then I saw that it was a grown person that did this and that is just wrong. A child doesn’t know any better, but an adult should. (My son did get in trouble for doing it.)

  39. I would be upset, too. One of our cats came one day, and she was pink! She is a calico, mostly white, sweet and friendly. I wasn’t a dark pink, almost looked like chalk, but wouldn’t come off. I have no idea how she got it on herself (I think maybe the daycare kids across the street had something to do with it). It wore off, and hasn’t happened again, but I was upset about that, too.

  40. People who are cruel enough to do that are never going to admit it when confronted. I am pretty sure that several of the crew know who did it and laughed while it was being done. Animals cannot defend themselves against something like that and people who do those kinds of things as far as I am concerned have some scary issues they need to deal with.

  41. Aw Jo, her photo is so very sad, thank God above she wasn’t physically hurt. My heart aches to see ANY type cruelty to dogs, and if the victim was a person, they would be charged with “simple assault” (my husband is a police officer). We love our dogs so very much, I remember crying when you lost your little Gracie, and teared up when Ruby went through her surgery. This kind of treatment is just NOT acceptable under any circumstance! I’d definitely call in the animal cruelty officers, don’t tolerate abuse of your little sweetie!!

  42. I would definitely call ASPCA. This is definite act of animal cruelty.
    People think it’s funny need to be taught a lesson. People who are cruel to animals tend to be abusive to weaker party of people, eg. children, women, elderly, so this is quite serious matter. You might help the police put someone on the list for future blacklist.
    Not acceptable at all. I’m moving from Sydney, Australia to Virginia in two weeks, and I would be mortified to see my pet being abused while I wasn’t looking.
    Go get them, Jo!!!!!

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