Liver Loaf

I know..I know, you’re already groaning thinking liver??!!

I actually don’t mind liver.  I like it occasionally…I like it fried with onions.  I like the way mom fixed it too with a cream of mushroom gravy over the top but we end up with too much liver.

As part of Hubby’s wages for working we are supplied with beef.  Typically we get a half at a time.  The person getting the other half never wants their half of the liver so we get it.  The same is true for when we butcher hogs.  Well Hubby likes live so her always says we’ll take it.  For the most part, I’m fine with that but the liver does add up in the freezer rather quickly.

The other day I was making Waffle Cookies with the childcare kiddos.  They loved the cookies (find recipe here).  As I was flipping through the recipe book I saw a recipe for liver loaf.  Well we have so much liver in the freezer that I thought what’s the harm in trying it.  If the recipe is awful we’ll throw it out…no lose as far as I was concerned because there is more liver.

So I tried the recipe.


Initially I thought YUK…but then, I let it cool.  I was going to throw it out but I thought I’d let Hubby give it a try.  I had made it on a Monday night when he had a fireman’s meeting.  I forgot that they were serving pizza at the meeting. So he didn’t eat supper at home and this went into the refrigerator.

The next day I fed the childcare kids leftover goulash.  They ate it all and there was none for me….In an effort not to waste food, that left me with cold liver loaf.  I put the stuff in a sandwich, added some horseradish sauce and a little mustard…I liked it.  I honestly liked it.

It tastes a lot like braunschweiger.   I grew up on the stuff and always really liked it.  I know it’s an acquired taste but I do like it…Hubby does too.  So the next night I told him and asked him if he’d try it in his sandwiches for work….HE LIKES IT TOO!!  He did admit to trying it warm and hating it too.

I am sure this won’t be the most popular recipe I’ve ever shared here on the blog but ….here’s the recipe.  I doubled it to get the amount I have in the picture.

1 pound sliced liver
3/4 cup boiling water
1 medium onion
1/2 pound pork sausage
1 cup dried bread crumbs
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
2 eggs
4 slices of bacon

Pour the water over the liver and simmer 5 minutes.  remove liver and grind with the onion.  I did mine in the food processor.  Add the remaining ingredients except the bacon.  Mix together.  Place in a loaf pan.  Top with bacon.  Bake 45 minuter is 350 degree oven.

Feel free to try it warm….I really suggest cold as being the best way to eat it.

I am actually happy I found the recipe.  I don’t mind eating liver a couple times a month but that’s plenty.  This gives us another option for using it up.

8 thoughts on “Liver Loaf”

  1. Growing up on the farm, liver was a huge treat. My Mom prepared it with a cream sauce and onions. One benefit of your recipe is that it doesn’t have all of the preservatives of lunch meat.

  2. Liver is not my favorite. I did cook it years ago…when we were newly married and on a tight budget. It was just passible.

    However, it was a favorite of my Mom’s and we “enjoyed” it often when I was growing up. Your dish looks so tempting, you should write a cook book! (In your spare time, of course). haha!

  3. If it tastes anything like liverwurst, or “liver cheese” as we say in the country, I’d probably like it. I like fried liver too.

  4. Every so often I get a real craving for braunschweiger and have to buy a piece. Hubby won’t touch it. :) My grandma used to make liverwurst…good on sandwiches with mustard. She made head cheese too….I wasn’t too wild about that and haven’t had it since she passed on. I know I have a package of liver in the freezer that a friend gave me (they had butchered and had too much too) that needs to get used. I’ve been thinking liver & onions. It’s good occasionally.

  5. Yum. I’ve always liked liver –not every day, but I do like it. In our early years of marriage, liverwurst sandwiches were a real treat and often a sale item. Nowadays, we must eliminate the organ meats from our heart-healthy diets. Pooh.

  6. Here in western NC, we love eating livermush (other’s call it liver pudding) cold or fried. Most recipes and store-bought brands are cornmeal based with lots of sage. Love the stuff!! The best, by far, was my grandmother’s; she’s in heaven now, so we buy Neese’s brand. We eat it mostly for breakfast with eggs and grits or for lunch on loaf bread with mustard.

  7. Edith Vavken Montaldo

    I love liver! I know sounds weird. But our family comes from Austria. After we came to the USA, money was tight. I also was severely anemic. To “build” up my blood, my mother would make me once, sometimes 2 times a week if my father was working late. She would make liver and creamed spinach each time. She would fry the liver with onions, bread it with bread crumbs like she was making Weinerschnitzel, grind it up to make liver dumplings or liver sausage. I really loved it then and still love it now. Most people think I’m weird.

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