Little People and Boxes

While we had our garage sale, the town was having garage sales too.  I was happy that I was able to get over to one of them as they had toys.  I’ve been slowly collecting a few more toys but don’t want the house to end up looking like a childcare so I’ve been pretty selective.

One of the things I have been looking for is “Little People”.  I had them before and love them.  Fisher Price does a wonderful job with them.  So many multicultural toys I don’t like because they put people of differing cultures in completely different settings.  I think young children at first just need to know that skin tones don’t make a difference.  Later they can learn about people from other countries, but at first, learning that skin tones don’t make a difference comes first!

“Little People” does that…they also let people be whatever career they’d like.  Women can be construction workers or farmers.

Something else I love is that the pieces are safe for little ones but big ones can play too.  Anyway…I love them!

At the garage sale I stopped at they had them….

I bought them.  There were plenty for the kiddos to play with.  I have the bus, zoo, farm and construction set.  Someday I’d like to get the house.

The kids were so happy.  They played and played.  I’m guessing it was close to an hours’ worth of play time.  For kids, that’s great.

Once they were done with that, the box they came in became the entertainment.

They played and played and played with that.  Likely two hours of play time was spent with the box.  As great as the Little People were, I need to remember that boxes still can’t be beat!

6 thoughts on “Little People and Boxes”

  1. Cheryl in Oz

    I really missed you! Kids are just the best! Unfortunately I was unable to have children but Dale and I have many nieces and nephews and Godchildren between us …we feel blessed. Our 4 1/2 yr old niece Kirby is adorable and we have her visit regularly! You are so blessed with your own kids Jo…how lucky you are xx and your day care kids sound like a ton of fun. Hope you feel better soon xxxx

  2. I still have the Little People town that my boys played with 35 years ago. Now, the grandsons play with it when they come to visit. It is fun for the 2 year old as well as the 7 year old. It is a timeless treasure!

  3. Little People were always my favorites. Which is why I still have most of them despite my baby turning 23 this summer. Just can’t bear to part with them. But I have the originals which are now declared a choking hazard

  4. Oh, Jo! You are such a treasure. We have the farm set too. All the kids love it–big and little. I agree totally with your reasoning. Those kids are very blessed to have you in their lives and I’m sure you feel blessed to have them in yours. Such a lovely, lucky group! Enjoy.

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