Little Bee…the book

Looking for a good book, try Little Bee by Chris Cleave.  It was wonderful.

The story centers around Little Bee, a refugee from Nigeria, who has just been released from a detention center in England.  Each character in the story makes sacrifices in their lives in order to save others.  The tragic circumstances of Little Bee’s life in Nigeria are revealed as she reunites with the only people in England that she knows.  The book is written in the perspective of several different characters which is always intreging to me.  The things that happened to 16 year old, Little Bee, are so heavy yet the author has found ways to interject bits of humor throughout the story.  If you like books on tape, it’s an excellent listen…I’m sure it would be a good read too.  When I intiately selected the book a review compared it to Kite Runner….so if you are a Kite Runner fan, Little Bee might be the book for you.

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