Lily Pads is FINISHED!

I have never wanted a quilt to be finished more than I have wanted this one to be…..

LilyPadsQuilt -whole

I bought the fabric pack on clearance LAST summer.  I was thinking the fabric would make a nice wedding quilt for a young couple.   It sat and sat as light prints just aren’t my style….it sat and sat until February when I decided that I would at least cut it out…..I’ve had trial and trial with this quilt.  I couldn’t decide on border fabric and even asked for opinions.  This quilt has braved iron stains and even a dog peeing incident.  Last night I stayed up late and finished the binding just so that I could be done with it.

I tried to get a few outdoor photos but was having trouble as the quilt is 84 x 99.  All of the places that I used to take photos at were lost when the workman came to remodel the house.  I ended up bringing the quilt indoors to try to get a few shots and Gracie decided to model.

She loves to model….


modeling for a treat is even better…..


If you look at the above photo, you’ll see the yellow and white fabric on the backing.  It was something from my stash that I was happy to find a use for.  I did have to sew in a leftover purple strip that I used as the narrow border to make the backing wide enough.


With all the things that have gone wrong with this quilt, I didn’t press my luck with any fancy quilting design.  A quick stipple was good enough for me!

For those with inquiring minds….the quilt pattern is Lilypads from Atkinson Designs.  You can find it in the Time Out Quilts book.

Thanks to ALL of you who lent me advice on borders.   As you can see, the purple won…the only one who suggested purple was Missy…..THANKS!  I think it was a good choice.

I think this quilt will make a perfect wedding gift as the quilt to me so signifies marriage for me…there’s ups and downs….sometimes it sits on the shelf while you’re busy doing other things….sometimes it even gets a little stained…But in the end trials and all, marriage, and this quilt, are pretty amazing.

5 thoughts on “Lily Pads is FINISHED!”

  1. You may have had trials with this quilt, but your perseverance paid off – it’s really lovely! You may not see “lovely” since you remember the problems but … I LIKE it!

  2. It came out beautifully! You can appreciate it more because of all the difficulties you faced during it’s construction. Now it’s finished!! ~karen

  3. I really like this quilt!!! I think it came out beautifully. My question is: what fabrics are these?? I love them and thank you for anticipating the “what pattern did you use?” question.

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