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I love the new house.  I really do.  It isn’t fancy but it’s totally me and exactly what I like….all except one thing.  The light in the kitchen absolutely STINKS.  Hubby and I have both said that the kitchen lighting is where we screwed up.

We had met with the electrician in the whole building process and had indicated where we wanted lighting.  All of the fixtures were drawn into the house plans and the workers had copies of those drawings.  As the work on the house had progressed we were in and talked to the guy doing the work here.  He had said to us that his boss was only giving him the afternoon to finish up what we needed so we needed to come in and do a walk through.  UGH….we did and noticed that a light in the kitchen was missing.  UGH.  We had a light in the entry.  We had a light over the kitchen sink.  We had a light in the kitchen proper but we did not have a light over the kitchen table.  I wasn’t happy.  I said something and he said-ya he just realized he missed it.  At the time Hubby and I decided that we’d just go without a light there after all the other lights should be sufficient….WRONG!!

We hated it.  There was no light.  Hubby had trouble reading the paper while sitting at the kitchen table.  It felt like we were eating by candlelight.  We knew something had to be done.  We debated and talked and asked friends what they thought.  Finally we decided we’d just have to call the electrician back and something had to be done about it.

Last weekend after a LONG debate we decided on a sconce light.  I wasn’t really happy with the idea but anyway we could get more light would work for me.

We had our Easter get together on Sunday over the weekend.  Kayla and Spencer came early on Saturday.  Hubby happen to be checking a couple jobs off his to do list and the next thing on the list was the kitchen light.  He had decided that he thought he could install and wire the light himself.  It worked out wonderful as Spencer is a electrician by trade and decided to help out.  In an hour or so our dark crappy kitchen dining area went from this…..


to this……


The light it gives off is amazing!


Hubby and I are so happy.  This turned out better than we ever anticipated.  It looks nice and gives off wonderful light.  We both are so happy with it and in the end are actually happy that the electrician didn’t put in the original light as we like this so much.

The fixture we chose is a nice compliment to the two other lights.  I was worried not wanting something that looked too modern.  Now, outside of the muddy, muddy yard, I can’t complain about anything with the house.  Hubby of course points out that we need to do the trim and this and that, but honestly, I really don’t even notice.  I’m just so happy with it as is.

We are so thankful and happy that Spencer happened to be here on the day that the light fixture was the next thing on the list.  Having Spencer to help sure made Hubby happy.  He thought he could do handle the wiring but with Spencer here he didn’t have to test his skills.

…and with that, the kitchen lighting problem is solved!!  Thanks Spencer!!

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  1. Another idea that will help with the lighting is to use LED bulbs. I think all light fixtures have a limit of how big of a light bulb can be used. By big I mean how much wattage. I changed my incandescent bulbs for the LED’s over my table. They are the candelabra ones so it was not cheap! But in doing that, I could increase the wattage(?) of the bulb and get a lot more light and decrease the electricity used. And, as an added bonus, they are supposed to last 20 years or so! If you decide to do this, read up on the lumens of the LED bulbs so you can decide which kind of light is best for you – warm or cool. Hope this helps with your lighting delema.

  2. If you get tired of the sconce you could always run a “hanging light fixture” from your new junction box and mount it over the table. (Daughter of an electrician).

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