Light Bladder Leakage with Poise

Have you seen this?? Boy it sure made me chuckle.  Then I thought, nope, better not laugh too hard or I’ll be leaking?!?!?!  Actually I’m not quite there yet but I will admit that once or twice I’ve wondered if my body is going to take me down the leakage road.  I will admit that sneezing on a full bladder has caught me once or twice. A couple months ago while reading the newspaper I saw an ad for doctors who specialize in bladder leakage for women.  That’s when I realized that leakage must be something more universal than I thought.  Why oh why don’t we women talk about all of this more??  Obviously if there are comics like the one above being made and doctors who specialize in the problem, there are people experiencing it.  Let’s talk about it.  Let’s try to help one another. There is really nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s normal.  It’s natural.  It happens.  Yet we really don’t talk about leakage. Recently Poise contacted me concerning their new products for light bladder leakage.  I was up for learning more about because, this is probably valuable information I will need in the future.   As you can see, there are many different sizes of pads and liners to meet a person’s needs including liners and pads in a variety of sizes. I know they look like period pads but these are better. Poise pads and liners are designed to absorb more quickly than period pads making them more reliable.


I love living in this time in history.  People are more open and talk about things that were once so private.  Companies are making products to meet our private needs, Poise is especially prominent in helping we women take on life’s challenges with confidence. If the time comes…or when the time comes, I know these new Poise products will be the things for me.  I want a product especially designed to meet my specific need.  I definitely want something that will neutralize odor.  I definitely want a product that will absorb quickly.  Poise light bladder leakage products have the qualities I’ll be looking for. Poise is offering free samples for those of you who are considering making the Clean & Fresh switch – Get a free sample or coupon of the Poise pads and liners here. Even more fun, you have a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!!  To enter, leave a comment here answering the following question:   What do you do to feel clean and fresh?  


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166 thoughts on “Light Bladder Leakage with Poise”

  1. Showers make me feel nice and clean, especially when I use the coconut and lime body wash that I got as a Christmas gift!

  2. I turned 66 this year. And you know, the older you get, the more your body surprises you. Sometimes in not a good way! I have tried Poise pads and have begun using them every day–just in case…. I have found them wonderful, comfortable and very effective. You are right this is a secret that is rarely discussed. But (eek!) I just discussed it!

  3. Before I retired, I worked as a Physical Therapist and one of my specialty areas was bladder leakage. We used a specific set of exercises to help strengthen the appropriate muscles. Often we saw women who had limited there physical and social activities because of this problem. Since exercise and social interaction are both so very important, along with the exercise program clients were encouraged to “pad up and get out”. Thanks for tackling a somewhat sensitive subject.

  4. That is a funny cartoon!! I love to take a bath, put on some fresh PJs and after a relaxing glass of red wine, snuggle into a freshly laundered bed!

  5. I take a daily shower to wake up and feel fresh. I was on a 2.5 hour flight a few years ago and knew I’d need the bathroom about half way through. About the time I decided to go to the bathroom there was massive turbulence and even the flight attendants had to sit and buckle up for the duration of the flight. I was so worried about leakage and absolutely miserable that I bought Poise when I got off the plane for the flight home. I always use them when flying or on long road trips with the DH that only stops for gas. Several women in my local quilt guild have discussed this problem. Seems like we’ve all had hysterectomies and I’ve wondered if that makes any difference. Thanks for talking about it.

  6. A shower makes me feel fresh especially during these hot summer months… sometimes several a day to stay cool and relaxed.

  7. I bathe often to stay fresh and clean and I also have a habit of changing my clothes twice a day (but that is more about my toddler making a mess all over my clothes)

  8. I do use the Poise light liners after having reconstructive surgery last summer or as I refer to it as a front & rear alignment. They do help to feel fresh, clean & confident.

  9. I read a book on menopause and leakage was listed as a commen problem. This was almost 20 years ago and was news to me, even then! The Kegle exercises mentioned above really do help and are worth a try! We all have ” something” don’t we?

  10. To feel fresh and clean everyday i shower at least once a day and brush my teeth after every meal, i also excersize alot and that helps me feel mentally refreshed

  11. that says it all an I am glad to know I am not alone suffering these insodents I wear panty liners an shower alot

  12. I take a daily shower to keep clean and fresh. Sometimes I will even take a second shower if I feel the need. Thank you!

  13. To feel fresh, I shower often! If I start to feel too gross, it’s shower time :) I also use baby powder to try and stave off sweat and to feel dry and comfortable during the day :)

  14. I take a nice shower and moisturize daily and I usually take a bubble bath with epsom salt once a week because it detoxifies which I need. It’s always hot here so the trick to not to take showers that are too hot or your body will feel dried out and when you sweat it’ll be even worse than before. Pantyliners are also a life saver. Us girls are prone to leakage

  15. I take showers daily and wear some antiperspirant/deodorant daily to stay clean and fresh.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  16. I’m not quite there yet either. So I usually use a liner keep feel clean and fresh. but good to know Poise is out there if/when I need it. great post.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  17. To feel fresh and clean I take a shower every day and I love to use different body sprays that leave me smelling fresh.

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