Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best

When Blogher asked me to work with them on promoting a life well lived, I was really excited.  Then they sent me this question… “What is your favorite way to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday look? Is it with make-up, clothing or accessories? ” UGH…That’s not me at all.  I hate fashion.  I think it probably has something to do with me “thick middle” and non-hourglass shape.  I don’t wear make up as it typically doesn’t do good things to my skin.  I HATE jewelry…. and accessories…I really don’t do accessories either.  I don’t even wear a wedding ring….that’s how simple I am.  I am just a plain girl.  I don’t care about make-up, clothes or accessories.  I thought and thought and thought…how can I answer this question? I said something to our 16 year old daughter and she laughed….Then she said, how about I do this for you mom…so here’s Kalissa… “I had a holiday concert about 2 weeks ago. I had chosen to do a solo “O Holy Night.” I had been working for WEEKS on this piece with my choir teacher/expert vocal coach at school and we had made some great accomplishments on it. Days before the concert, I had had the perfect holiday outfit planned that would make me look happy/Christmas/sixteen/glam including a sparkle top with black skinny jeans, my new black boots and a red cardigan to top it all off…something that says “Christmas” without looking like you are entering an ugly Christmas sweater contest. The day before the concert, while rehearsing for out school’s swing choir, Junction 24, a devastating announcement was made: we all had to color/clothing coordinate. Bubbledream of sparkles: popped. The suggested attire was black dress pants (goodbye skinny jeans) a red top (goodbye sparkles) and closed toed shoes (goodbye fun). I exchanged annoyed glances with my best friend Regan because knowing her, shes had her outfit planned for weeks. So when I got home from school I reluctantly picked out the clothes I was assigned to wear and threw them in the wash so they would be ready. After school before the concert, Dad actually took me car shopping and I bought my new car (2000 Lincoln Town Car, heck yeah) and was in a mad dash to get home to preserve the necessary hour to do my hair and makeup. I grabbed my clothes out of the dryer and after curling my hair with my new curling iron, I looked plain. Anyone who knows me knows I am far from plain. I began searching my closet in order to find something to spice up my outfit when I came across my black furry vest I got on Black Friday. PERFECT! It adds a Holiday winter touch to any outfit (scarves also have the same effect). After digging through my hair box I found a flower head band as well and I was set! I may not have been sparkly (like I will be this New Years Eve) but I got tons of compliments on my outfit!  A simple vest and headband did it all…and of course my amazing curling iron that makes my straight hair go completely curly! You can check out my look and  performance here…”

Blogher would love for you to pop over to their site and learn how others add a little sparkle to your special occasions….and to enter their $250 sweepstakes and share your tips here.  

5 thoughts on “Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best”

  1. What a great post and what a beautiful voice your daughter has!! I think she looks adorable!!

    I have to say, I was thrilled to hear that I am not the only one who likes simple…I don’t wear my wedding rings either… jewelry…no sparkle…..just me!!!! Happy New Year Sweet friend!!

  2. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that goes for no sparkle. I don’t wear makeup, no jewelry except for studs in pierced ears, and no frilly dress. I don’t even wear perfume, afraid to offend those who can’t tolerate it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great new year.

  3. What a beautiful voice Kalissa. I sat here listening with ‘goose bumps’….thanks for sharing this with all of us. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. I didn’t even notice that there was another post under the orca bay that I missed. I’m glad that I found it! Kalissa has a wonderful voice – you must be so proud. There is no way I could even speak in front a crowd, never mind sing! I do not wear jewelry any more. I used to but when the kids were babies, I stopped wearing jewelry (they like shiny objects) and wearing perfume. Funny, I never got back into the habit. Now, it’s just the “new” me.

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