Lids and Containers

Lids and containers…containers and lids. Why, oh why, is the ratio never equal. We have lids. We have containers. Do we ever, ever, have the same number of each. Nope!

Last year Kalissa went Black Friday shopping and I asked her to pick up a cheap Pyrex set for me.  At the time I knew we’d be moving soon and I wanted to clean out and get rid of all the mismatched junkie left over containers I had.  I could never find a lid.  I had so many different brands and types it was just so annoying that I had for the most part just quit using them anyway.

She picked me up a set, we moved and I loved them.  Only problem…Hubby wanted something for taking in his lunch.  I didn’t know if I wanted to break my now nice set and was afraid that he’d get them grubby.  Well I ended up at Wal-Mart and found I could buy the four cup ones, his favorite size, individually so I did.  I bought two extra.  He was happy.  I was happy.  I thought all was right with the world (at least as far as Pyrex containers in my kitchen went).

Fast forward….A lid is missing.  UGH.  Hubby was frustrated because his lunch gets juggled around in and out of equipment that he wants a lid and not tin foil substitutes.


So Kelli was home and was asking what Hubby could use for his birthday.  The kids aren’t suppose to do birthday things…but Kelli always insists.  Finally I said – go buy him a Pyrex container.  She was surprised I suggested this then I explained the whole problem.

The next thing I knew she was on Amazon.  Apparently they had lids only.  SCORE.  They came in this Pyrex Blue 4 Cup Round Plastic Cover #7201-PC 4-Pack.  Yahoo..and only $8.25.

A couple days later the lids came in the mail.

Hubby was happy..I was happy.  You know, sometimes it’s just the little things.  We do now have more lids than containers but that’s something I’m just going to be fine with.  It’s MUCH better this way than the other way.

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