Lettuce and Radishes

Today we’ve planting the rest of the garden…I am so excited.  The kids are coming home and it seems they are going to help…That’s the perfect Mother’s Day as far as I am concerned, help.

I already have a few things planted in the garden and they are up.  We have even been enjoying lettuce and radishes for a couple weeks.

Growing up, I HATED garden lettuce.  To me it always tasted gritty, like it was never all the way clean.  Now days,  thanks to my salad spinner, not a drop of that grittiness.  I am so thankful, because now I love it.  Tomorrow I am putting in another row of lettuce to keep our lettuce going throughout the summer.  For me, garden lettuce is one of the veggies I save the most money on by planting my own.

We’ll put in another row of radishes too.  After I pick and clean my radishes I put them in an old Tupperware container designed to hold pickles.  It is perfect for it!  The radishes sit in water…we lift the handle and grab a radish.   I love it so much that, I am on the hunt to find another Tupperware pickle keeper at a thrift store.

I am off to get a few things done around here before the kiddos start coming home.  I want to make sure I take advantage of the help while they are home.

4 thoughts on “Lettuce and Radishes”

  1. Midnite Baker

    OH, yes, help to plant the garden is on my list for Mother’s Day too! Guess, I’ll have to dust off my Tupperware pickle keeper – Thanks so much for the idea. Have a Great Mother’s Day and my all you seeds sprout.

  2. My dear son knows what I want for Mother’s Day….built me a raised bed box and dug/filled it with ancient compost from the barn….I love my Jesse! Happy Mother’s Day to us all.

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