Let’s Play Ball!

My June has been filled with ball games.  Carver ended up playing a year earlier than he typically would.  Our town team didn’t have enough boys so they invited the boys who were going to be entering Kindergarten to play.  Typically you have to have completed Kindergarten in order to play.

Surprisingly, Carver has taken to ball and really loves it.  We can see improvement in every single game.

We have a mixed group of boys that play together.  I think they range in age from 4th graders to Carver’s age.  Sadly, even with Carver playing, we still don’t have enough boys for a full team so sometimes one of the girls plays…and sometimes if the opposing team has extra players, they play on our team.

Here’s a picture of Carver’s fan club from one evening.

Kalissa caught some really great pictures of Carver.  Here’s one…

…and another.  It’s all really small town.  The pitcher is Carver’s coach and she does an awesome job with the kids.

She coaches the girls and the boys’ team.  It happens that the girls’ team is short of players too.  Carver was asked if he wanted to play both girls and boys.  He said yes so we end up watching back-to-back games and Carver more or less plays double hitters.

We’ve all had fun going.  Here’s Gannon.  He’s had a blast meeting up and playing with other kids.  It’s so nice that he’s able to do that.  He’s losing some of his shyness.

Kalissa has told me time and time again that I don’t have to go if I don’t want to.  Of course, I already know this.  I have fun so why not??

I often take a little bit of stitching with me and get a few stitches in while we’re waiting for the games to start.

Kalissa and I both love watching the kids improve after each game.

Kayla was up for one game and Kelli happened to be home so Carver had an extra big cheering section.

Eli and Emmett were so good for this game.  One of the games we went to was so hard because they were acting up.  Here is Eli with Carver while he was waiting for his turn to bat.

Kayla still had her Waucoma Little League shirt from back when she played.  She wore it to Carver’s game to cheer him on.

Ball ends this week.  It really only lasts for a month around here.

I’m on a hunt to try to find a ball glove from the thrift store that will fit me so we can practice playing catch when he’s here.  He has so enjoyed learning to play.

It’s been great entertainment and I can honestly say, I hope Carver keeps wanting to play as I’ve had fun watching him…of course, if he decides ball isn’t for him, that’s perfectly fine too.  No matter what he does, he keeps us all entertained!!

14 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball!”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    Jo, keep going to his games!! I used to drive 90 miles one way to watch my nephews play! They were in Little league, Legion Ball, and college ball. One was scouted by the Rockies when h was in college. Three of them were catchers, the other played first base. I so miss those days, Now they all have boys of their own, one coaches his boys. They are too far to follow now, but I get pictures on FB. Enjoy the time and hope the other boys play too!!
    Carver looks like a natural and he is only 5?? Wow!

  2. How fun! It is more fun with so many family supporters. Such cute pictures of the grands, especially that little Georgie – she has really won my heart, not that the others haven’t but I just get a kick from her.

  3. I agree with Beryl. Carver does look like a natural. He has a great stance in the batter’s box. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jo. I think it is wonderful that so many of your family go to the games. And I really love the girls and boys playing on each other’s team , and even additions from the opposing team , to make a full roster. That is such a great life lesson of helping out when and where needed. I love small towns. i grew up in a very small town in Maine. My two brothers played baseball and I went to every game with my parents. Loved it!!!!

  5. It’s so nice that you can go to the games. Keep it up! The kids love to have you, I’m sure.

    Jo, I have lost the Bloglovin’ Daily Digest website which I used to get every day. I cannot connect to it from anywhere on this end. Can you send it out to me by sending me an email?
    My email address is: dj.russ@outlook.com
    I do get Jo’s Country Digest just fine every day, but I want the other one too.
    Thank you.

    1. Sadly, hooking up with any of the programs that send you the blog via email is not something I can do. That’s something you have to do on your own. I do not own or have access to the programs that do that.

    2. I’ve had the same problem. Seems to come and go about a week at a time. I go directly to her blog joscountryjunction.com

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Carver does seem to have a natural ability with baseball…or his coach is really good because his stance in great!! I umpire adult softball and frequently there are women who play on men’s teams and teams will loan players to their opponents so the game can be played!! I love it because we are all out there to have a good time!

  7. Great photos, Jo! They capture the true essence of your family times together. Carver is looking so grown up!

  8. Seeing you all gathered to watch some ball in the summertime brings back lots of happy smiles. Its nice that it only lasts a month and its about learning to play. Carver has a great stance, such a great picture of him at bat and also peeking threw the fence with Eli. I love the picture of Kayla wearing her t shirt and standing with Carver, sweetness overload.

  9. Is it just me, or does anyone else love the sound of footsteps on gravel? It reminds me of my childhood driveway, and the sound of my dad’s car on his way home

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