Let’s Hope it’s Just a Phase

Ruby has been so good with toys.  Yes, she destroys a few…but honestly most of ones she has destroyed were just played with and played with and played with…or were of cheap construction.

In the past week, I’ve came into the living room three different times to find this…


another ruined toy.  This pink bone toy, I have re-stuffed and sewn back together on two different occasions (yes.  I am cheap that way)….this time-it’s off to the garbage.  I have two toys on my sewing table that need to be fixed.  Ila (one of my blog readers) sent her the cutest one with replace-able squeakers.   She ripped a leg off that one so it’s in for repair.  In her defense the last three toys that were ruined were ones that had been patched before.

It’s hard to believe that here she was a year ago…The picture was taken October 29th of last year.

She’s no little puppy anymore.

It’s hard to believe she’s all grown up.

We’ve been through a few phases before, I am hoping this stage of destructing toys will pass soon….

7 thoughts on “Let’s Hope it’s Just a Phase”

  1. I think destroying toys is just characteristic of dogs. Our 9 year old bichon loves her chew toys, and if she gets a tiny tear in one of them, she works on gutting the whole thing unless I snatch it away from her.

    I, too, sew them back up again, over and over and over. She loves her toys, and she waits impatiently at my feet, whining, while I fix them. As a result, some toys only have three legs or no ears or even no head! Once I restuffed her toy with her own hair after it was clipped. Now THAT was funny as she did not know what to do with it!

    A friend once mocked me for fixing toys…she said to just go buy another one. But that is expensive, only to have it pulled apart soon. Besides, it takes a while for her to acclimate to a new toy.

  2. Two of our dogs (Dobie and a Shepherd mix) destroyed their soft toys in minutes (they weren’t destructive with things that weren’t “theirs”) Our German Shepherd was gentle with her stuffed toys and carried them around. Some dogs are rougher with their toys than others are.

  3. My older beagle will still grab something once in a while! It’s not very often though. One day we had to chase her around the house to get a piece of our puzzle back. I’ve sewn many dog toys too!

  4. My dog always destroys the cheap toys too. He loves to pull out the stuffing. Be careful because my neighbor’s dog swallowed some of the stuffing and needed surgery. I now look for the toys that are marked as tough.

  5. I fix the torn toys too—the rubber ones scare me–I am always afraid that my little Cocker will get some plastic down in her stomach…..what gets into them sometimes???? Ha..

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