Let me Teluwut (tell you what)

I apologize…there is not photo to go with this blog.  My husband hates it when I take photos of simple things like my new favorite restaurant.  Since I started blogging he claims that nothing is sacred in his life…not even his toilet paper…check out this blog entry as proof.

The restaurant I want to tell you about is Teluwut Grille House and Pub (pronounced tell-you-what) in Cresco, Iowa.  They owners have another restaurant of the same name in Osage, Iowa too.  The atmosphere is great and the food is excellent so is the service.  My husband and I both really love it.

We went out tonight to celebrate our upcoming 23 wedding anniversary.  Our actual anniversary isn’t until Sunday but I won’t be home then.  I’ll be in Florida for the week at a PITC training focusing on infant and toddlers and my husband will be home with the dog…some anniversary.

If you ever head to northeast Iowa…Teluwut is the place to go to eat.  Once you go, you’ll be telling your friends.

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